When I see this picture I wonder: was she just spanked, getting ready to be spanked?  Is he fondling her, getting her ready for something more intimate than spanking?  Is he being gentle with her or is he roughly rubbing her.

He seems so strong, is she nervous that he will give too much? Will he hold back more than he should because she seems fragile in comparison?

I’m thinking that he’s giving her a playful spanking, just hard enough to get her juices flowing.  Then he’ll test to see if she ready for him, he’ll brush her skin lightly with his rough hands and she’ll arch her back- wanting more of him.  He’ll spread her legs and begin to play with her womanly parts, not gently but not rough- he’ll have enough tension to drive her a bit mad for him. She’ll pout, he’ll love that.

He’ll dip his finger into her and she’ll push back- trying to take more. He’ll laugh and withdraw his finger. She’ll try not to pout- not wanting to give him the satisfaction. She’ll lose, and he’ll love that even more.

She’ll get everything she wants from him.  He’ll play with his toy, bringing her to the brink and back several times before giving her the fulfillment she’s searching for that he’s longing to give her. Once she’s panting on bed, trying to catch her breath, he’ll slip from beneath her. She’ll be facing down on the bed and he’ll thrust into her. She’ll moan loudly, hungrily, and he’ll take no time to find his enjoyment.

That’s what I see…. what do you see?