Word Limit: 400
Bonus Words: +100 if she can kick ass.
Required Phrase: “Hell hath no fury…”
Forbidden Word: Kryptonite
Extra Credit: Give someone a cheesy accent.

There would be no escaping him.  He snared her from the local marketplace while she searched for the perfect prickly pear in his bins.  It had been a quiet abduction, the patrons didn’t seem to notice him dragging her limp body behind his cart of fresh fruit.

A smartly placed drop of an anesthetic onto a sample of the pears was enough to get the job done.  He made quick business of rushing to her side as she fainted and dragging her back to his villa a few doors down from the market place. Not a difficult task for someone as young and strong as Neo.  

The beauty was no stranger to Neo.  The secret admiration he held for her began weeks ago when she first arrived in the small village. He watched her each morning as she walked through the marketplace. She stopped at several booths but rarely purchased anything.  In the afternoons she would stop and buy a pear or an apple to eat on her way back to her small apartment across the river.  Her shoulder length brown hair  would blow in the fall breeze and her slender neck would be covered by a white wool scarf wrapped several times around her.  Her coat hugged her and he could gather through her curves that she would be something to behold once he was able to undress her.

His captive stirred in her cage, waking slowly from her drug induced sleep.  He rushed to her from his desk, where he had been staring at her beautiful naked body. He had been correct in his assumptions, her body was flawless.

“Shhhhh…. slow….No, don’t struggle.” he cooed through her restraints.  She looked at him through heavy eyelids, confused and frightened.  With her hands bound above her head, she could not move.  The large metal loops enveloped her  but weren’t touching her; they were six inches from her body and several inches apart from each other.  “Be careful!” He shouted when she began to arch her body. “These metal loops are hooked up to a generator behind the beam.  If you touch them, you’ll be severely shocked. No…no just stay in place.”

“Where am I?… who are you?” Her voice was soft but the terror was there, hiding beneath the slight quiver.

“Me? I’m nobody.” he shook his head. “But you…you are my beauty.”  He smiled at her. His leer frightened her all the more.

“Why am I here?”

“For me.” He answered. “It’s been so long since I’ve played.” He stepped away from her revealing a card table. She looked through the metal loops and saw the many silver sharp implements laying on the table.  Her breath quickened, her heart beat hard and she struggled out of fear.  She kicked her leg out and a hot electric current shot through her leg up to her chest, rendering her unconscious once again.  

He looked over his captive and ran his tongue over his teeth.  

“I told you not to do that. Now we have to wait to play.” He shook his head.

Sometimes I just have to go all vanilla on myself. I’ve been working so much on my collection of short stories I was really in the mood to go the opposite way this week. Hope you enjoyed it, I stole an extra 150 words and ignored the required words. Now go read some really hot stuff over at Tom’s!
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