When I saw this photo I was shopping around google looking for some inspiration for a quick bout of writing. Something that would get my mind off trying write the perfect kiss for a story. I know…I know…I should just leave it blank and move on…and I probably will, at some point.   No kissing in this blurb…I’m staying away from lips for today!
The day had been long. Several meetings that droned on because of business men who refused to make decisions for fear that if it was wrong they would be blamed, left her feeling frazzled.  The crowd on the subway gave her some peace as the car rocked her back and forth as it forged towards her apartment on the other side of the city.  The noise surrounding her drowned out the absurdity of her day.  Several decisions still needed to be made on the O’connor account or she could lose the client, but the upper-level management continued to ask for more data.  What data was she supposed to collect that would help them decide on which color to use for the background on the main page of the client’s new web page!? 
Wanting nothing more than to get home, she pushed through the crowd and ignored the few grunts of disapproval from two older ladies in the stairwell.  These were the same old biddies that would trample over the homeless guy playing his sax for a few pennies in order to make the train and get the best seats. She held no remorse for pushing ahead of them.
She climbed up the stairs of her apartment building, balancing the bag of groceries she had stopped to purchase, her purse, and the mail in her arms.  Several twenty somethings scooted around her in the stairwell to get to their apartments, not bothering to offer any assistance before they disappeared into the smoke cloud they called home.  Maybe she was getting cynical like those two old ladies on the train.  Meh, she’d worry about it tomorrow. 
The lighting in the apartment was low and soft music played in the living-room.  She slipped out of her heels, neatly placing them next to the door.  She placed the mail in the small wicker basket on the foyer table next to her purse and padded down the hall to the kitchen to put the groceries away.  She could smell his aftershave and heard him moving around the living-room, but she did not disturb him.  
Once the groceries were stored, she made her way to the bedroom longing for her yoga pants and a oversized t-shirt to swim in.  The bedroom was delicately decorated with warm browns and hues of magenta, giving her a sense of calm.  She found a note on her pillow and grinned.  Quickly she obeyed, slinking out of her pencil skirt and pulling her blouse down her arms until she stood nude.  She dropped the dirty clothing in the hamper on her way to the living room, where he wanted her.  
He sat in his leather arm chair, his suit jacket cascaded over the love seat and his shirt sleeves rolled to his elbows.  She wondered how he could feel so comfortable in such stuffy clothing, but she loved the way he looked in them- so powerful and confident that she never asked.   She stood in the doorway watching him flip through his emails on his phone. She liked the crease in his forehead when he concentrated in such a way, it made him look so in control- so focused.  This man could make decisions, she thought to herself. 
He felt her presence before he saw her, but left her in her stance at the doorway. Her hands were folded behind her neck, her feet shoulder length apart.  He tossed his phone onto the end table and motioned for her to come to him.  
She took soft steps to him, her hips swaying gently to the soft music of Mozart playing in the background. She preferred jazz, but the choice was rarely hers.  Once at his side she dropped her arms to her sides and ran her fingers over his shoulder.  
“Come, tell me about your day,” His voice was light, his hands warm as he ran them up her bare arm. She slid down to her knees and rested her head in his lap.  He stroked her back and her hair as she recalled the details of her day.  He didn’t try to fix her stress, he didn’t scoff at the pettiness of the old ladies at the train, he didn’t dictate how she would make tomorrow better. He just listened.  When she was done she felt empty and warm.  
They sat in silence. He continued to stroke her naked body. She sighed deeply as he moved her to lay fully over his lap so he could reach her bare bottom.  Finally, she was home. 
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