I can’t believe I have stooped this low to get her into my pants. It’s an act of desperation, and we both know it.  One more night of teasing and I’ll die, so there’s really no choice. What that woman wants, she gets.  Even if I wear the pants in our family.  Will I be able to wear jeans after this? Will it hurt too much?  Maybe I should have bought that cream I saw at the drug store.  Dammit!

I hear her in the bedroom waiting for me.  I step out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around my waist.  I can see she appreciates the extra time I’ve been spending at the gym. My chest and abs are looking awesome today, but we both know there is really only one part of me she’s interested in at this moment.  

The thought of her wrapping her cherry lip-balmed lips around my thick hungry cock makes the towel peak at my groin.  I groan at the thought of her licking me from bottom to tip, her eyes fixed on mine as I watch her.  She’ll lick the very tip of my head then place me in her mouth. The warmth and the wetness of it all will be the undoing of me if we don’t get started soon.

“Well?” She hugs her knees to her chest.

“Voila!” I open the towel and throw it across the room, exposing my newly shaved nether regions. She claps and giggles with excitement at the site before her.

This weeks rules were:
Word Limit: 250
Bonus Words: +50 if there’s a happy ending.
Required Word: Voilà
Forbidden Word: Viagra
Extra Credit: If you’re a man, write it from her point of view; if you’re a woman, write it from his.

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