When I saw this video (I think I came across it first on Facebook) I thought it was really cute, but it has such a powerful meaning to it as well.  Sometimes I think that as adults we forget that we still need to be responsible when it comes to sex.  It can be easy to think that safe sex is for a younger generation trying not to get pregnant, but there are so many sexually transmitted diseases out there today- safe sex is for everyone of all ages. 
If you’ve been to a kink event or a dungeon, I’m sure you’ve seen all of the protection that is offered to everyone. There are buckets of condoms placed throughout the dungeons, wipes to clean off equipment so your juices don’t get on anyone else playing after you, and dental dams for the ladies.  The few events I’ve been to it seemed everyone played well along these lines- which is good.  However, I hope that everyone is being just as safe in their own bedroom when they are with multiple partners. 
Personally, I’m glad to be in a monogamous relationship so that we don’t worry too much about these issues. When at an event we do clean off every piece of equipment we use before and after just to be sure, but if we weren’t monogamous I’d purchase stock in Trojan!
Moral of today: Cover up out there!  And women, remember, it’s your responsibility too…carry some condoms in your purse- if he forgot, you didn’t!