It’s obvious that erotic novels are among my favorite to read and write. Advice that all writers will give to other writers is to read what you enjoy writing. To that end I have been devouring romance novels. Every romance novel has it’s erotic bits, so I don’t really separate the two genres. One is just a bit more centered around sex than the other, but that is not entirely true of all Romance novels.  This past week I read a most unusual romance novel, at least unusual to me.  Master of Sin written by Maggie Robinson  took me a bit by surprise but delivered the same gratifying sensation I crave from my romance writers.

My favorites are those that take place in England or Scotland and no later than early 1800s. This novel takes place in 1820 beginning in Italy and moving to Scotland. We first meet our man of the hour, Andrew Rossiter, as a wickedly delicious man who finds his livelihood entwined with all things sexual, even his son is the product of his sexual entrepreneurship.  Unlucky for him the Duke and Duchess that employ him to sire their second child have become the target of a greedy brother.  The need to save and protect not only his life but that of his sons, pushes him to purchase a home in his native land Scotland. Here he changes his name and attempts to begin new life as a celibate father.

Miss Peartree, the governess that is hired to help raise Andrews son has a few secrets of her own.  Upon meeting her he decides she won’t do for the position based on her dirty appearance after having spent two weeks fending for herself in a strange new place with no luggage or aid from the locals. Once cleaned up, he decides that she must go because he is drawn to every inch of her.  Miss Peartree is no naive chit and has her own sultry past in which she is attempting to escape.

These two make for a very entertaining courtship, although it is a courtship like no other. Gemma is unlike any other heroine I’ve read. She takes control of her circumstances and the bedroom.  Andrew tries to fight his physical urges, but once they are unleashed they are unbridled.  

The thing that surprised me about this novel, and it might not surprise others, is the direct language used.  I’m used to sex scenes covered in flowery verse, whereas this novel is straight to the point. No reference to “manhood” is read here, Maggie Robinson is frank with calling a cock a cock.  The abrupt language does nothing to take away from the romance of the book.

Master of Sin is the fourth and final book in the Courtesan series.  Silly of me to read the last book first, but I will definitely be heading back to pick up the first three in the series.

I have to say the main reason I’ve been diving into Romance novels lately is because I want to be a better Romance writer. so I will end my rant today with something that this novel taught me.  It is perfectly okay to use frank wording.  I do not need to cover up the sex scenes with flowery prose. I can say cock, and it can be erotic, and it can be sensual, and the reader can still walk away with the heavy sigh of satisfaction I long for them to have.  

If you’d like to see more by Maggie Robinson you can find her here.