Word Limit: 300
Word Bonus: +50 if you can name this position. +100 if you’ve tried it.
Required Word: Spectators
Forbidden Phrase: “And a 3.5 from the East German judge!”
Extra Credit: Pick out a face in the crowd and write it from his or her perspective.


First dates are very rarely anything more than two people interviewing each other for a life long position…or for a temp job.  So I was extremely intrigued when Steve told me he was taking me somewhere exotic.  Now, I’m thinking maybe he said erotic.

He picked me up from my apartment with a mysterious grin. He didn’t give me much to go on in the way of hints as we drove through the city.

“Will there be music?” I asked pulling my skirt down a bit.

“Probably.” He smiled.  

“Will there dancing?”

“No.” he shook his head and shifted gears.  We played the question game for a few more minutes until he pulled into a back alley and parked his honda beside another car. “We’re here.” Being co-workers with Steve for several years, I trusted him enough to get out of the car and follow him to the industrial grade steel door.  He pounded his fist on the door. The booming sound echoed through the dark, empty alley.

The door creaked in a eery way, like the sound you hear in horror movies right before some creep jumps out with a butcher knife.  The guy that opened the door did not look like any creep.  I only had a moment to admire him before Steve pulled me through the door.

A crowd of people were cat-calling and yelping ahead of us. Steve pulled me along until he found a spot for us. That’s when I saw what everyone was yelling about.   On a large stage in front of about fifty spectators was a man and a woman. Both were naked and were fucking in a doggystyle fashion.  My body reacted immediately to the scene before me. My nipples grew hard and pressed against my blouse, and my panties became damp.

“See, there’s music,” he whispered into my ear.  I smiled but didn’t turn to face him. My eyes were glued on the scene before us. The woman on the platform reacted with each thrust of her partner with a twisted expression that could have been pain or pleasure….or if she was like me…both.  Her fingers worked between her legs rubbing her clit.

The grunts from the man on top of her were filled with power; he was enjoying himself immensely. Steve slid his hand under my arm and began to massage my breasts. I made no move to stop him, instead I arched my back, giving him more of myself.

“Did I pick an awesome place for our first date?” His voice was heavy.  Not sure I could trust myself to speak, I nodded and continued to watch the couple, slipping my hand behind me and rubbing the hard bulge of Steve’s jeans.  

He pinched my nipple and whispered, “Good. Cuz, we’re next.”

I had a little fun with it this week, not as erotic as I usually go for, but I’ve been a bit under the weather and sexy time just isn’t on this weeks bucket list. I DID have some fun going over to urban dictionary to look up doggy style. I found a whole bunch of other stuff that I would have preferred not to have found…but it was still a fun trip. Anywhoo….. Hope you enjoyed it and please head over to Tom’s blog (Who has been an awesome host thus far) to read all of the excellent entries this week…or to post where we can find yours! As always if you don’t have a blog, I’m happy to put your story up here for you.
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