When I spend an evening at the library

Well…I attended another “lecture” at one of the neighboring libraries.  I was pretty psyched about this one as it was about wanting to be a published author…. to my disappointment he spoke of nothing having to do with how to get published.  He droned on about making sure you write a lot, and try to get published, and write more, and try to get published, then write more, and try to get published….but never gave any tips or advice on how to actually get published- and remarked that that was a topic for another day. (what?!)

Although the lecture was not what I expected, it did get me sitting in a room thinking about writing and publishing, so there’s the silver lining.

I didn’t do the Monday Monologue this week, because the book I planned to review wasn’t as good as I had hoped. And, since I’m of the mindset that if I can’t say anything nice- I won’t say anything at all…I let Monday lapse. But, I’m heading to the store tomorrow to pick up another book that looked delicious and has had a few good reviews already.

That brings me to something that I wanted to put out into the universe. I’m not sure how many of you are writers or just readers or both, but I still wanted to get this point across.  I met a woman yesterday at a writers group I started going to (non erotic..cuz could you imagine if I showed up with my FFF in hand!), and she introduced herself as a “wannabe writer”.  She said she hasn’t tried to do anything with her writing because she didn’t think she was any good.  I shared with her a piece of advice my mother gave me, and I wanted to throw out there for anyone who may think the same thing.

WRITE IT!   If one person hates it, another person may love it. But you will never know if you don’t write it.  Everyone has their own tastes and everyone will choose to like or not like something, but not everyone is the same.  My mother LOVES Dean Koontz, and although I find his books to be entertaining, I don’t find him to be the literary genius my mother does. But really who cares, she loves what she loves and I love what I love.

So…having said all of that.  I challenge you to write… a short story, a flash fiction, a long winded description of the drapes (I forget which author I’m referring to..but I hated his writing and he’s considered to be quite classic)…but write it, then post it, and tell us where to find it!

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