Flames from the fire illuminated our campsite enough that I could see the look on his face while he watched me.   He took a long drag of his cigarette, keeping his eyes focused on me.  

My legs were open, draped over the arms of my camping chair. My skirt was hiked up past my hips, and as directed- I wore no panties.  

The thrill of the evenings events: the floggings, the suspension demonstration, and the public nudity all played into the mood.  

My fingers dance over myself. I licked my lips and looked around. Most of our neighbors were still at the dungeon or sleeping in their tents. Some sat by their own fire a few dozen feet away.

Noticing my delay, he pointed at my exposed sex. A silent command to continue.  I began to rub and pull at my clit, spreading the wetness everywhere.  I felt the swelling of my sex and looked longingly at him. He smiled a devilish grin.   

“Play with those tits.” He instructed me. He threw his cigarette into the fire.  I pulled down my tank top, springing free my bosom.  With one hand still working magical sensations below, the other was free to play with my nipples.  I knew what he wanted.  I pulled hard and just when I couldn’t stand the sensation any longer I released, allowing the breast to bounce back to shape.  

I concentrated on his stare. He smiled as I grew nearer to the point that I would not be able to stop. For once I didn’t need to ask, instead he ordered me to cum.  I obeyed immediately.

Once I regained my composure, I noticed that he had pitched his own tent. I licked my lips and he nodded his agreement.  I slipped from my chair. With my skirt still hiked up and my breasts still bobbing over the brim of my tank top, I crawled through the sandy grass to him. I unzipped his jeans and pulled him free.  

It took little time for him to find his release. He held my head in place as he poured down my throat. Once he relaxed his grip, I sat back, swallowed with a Cheshire smile, and wiped my chin.   

It was at this time I heard the clapping and yelping.  A small crowd had gathered at our site to watch the show.  I looked at him, and he grinned.  He had known of their presence from the start.
My blush made him laugh all the more as he helped me to stand and straighten out my clothing.

Word Limit: 300
Bonus Words: +50 if your team won yesterday.  
Required Phrase: “Pitch a tent”
Forbidden Words: Mosquitoes, sunburn, poison ivy
Extra Credit: Tell us about one of your sexual (mis)adventures in the great outdoors. 

I added 50 cuz my team won (or rather the team my husband said was our team, personally I didn’t care…but wow did the other team blow it!)  I also added 78 words cuz…it’s a true story…no mishap really except I was unaware of the audience.   Now head over to Tom’s for the rest of the great entries this week! That’s an order! – given in a very polite, but firm, but gentle, but serious, and yet womanly tone.