When I manage to take a day away from the infernal grind of managing a physicians office, I spend it writing.  Well….today I am spending it editing..and editing…and editing. My eyes are actually starting to cross a bit from all the editing I’m doing today.

It was during this process that I realized that it’s Wednesday, and I failed to have a post ready. I’ve been really good about keeping ahead, but it’s been a crappy week. I’ve had to put in longer hours than I like at the office due to the biller being on vacation. The claims still need to go out and the money still needs to come in…so the physician can have as much money in his pocket as possible.  The corruption, greed, and blech of the medical field today is a topic for another time…and another blog. Mainly because it doesn’t make me happy. Writing makes me happy.

Last weekend I attended a panel discussion at our local library. The four panelists are local authors and they gave some very interesting information.   So, I thought I’d share a few things that have stuck in my mind since Saturday afternoon.

1. “There is no such thing as writer’s block- it’s a myth for lazy writers”

2.  “My motivation is money. If I don’t write, I don’t get paid.”

3.  “Figure out why you write. Are you writing for love or for money. Both are perfectly okay, but know what your motivation is before you sit down to write.”

Here are my responses:

1.  That’s probably true. A good tip the Fiction writer of the panel mentioned is that he writes an outline of the whole story. Not too detailed but a quick note for each chapter.  That way, if he’s going to get stuck it’s there, the writing process will be easier.

2. Whatever works.  I’d love to get paid to write instead of draining an old lady’s bank account for a refraction charge that’s a bunch of bullshit cuz her cataracts don’t let her see with or without glasses (okay..sorry…it snuck in again)

3. I write for both. I write for love for the most part. Although see #2 for the rest of my response.

The library district (which I didn’t even know there was such a thing. I just thought each town had their own thing going…) is hosting an entire series on writing this month so I have 4 more classes to attend. Next one is titled “PSst…wanna get published”?   The answer is HELL YES!  But odds are, I’m going to go the self publishing route first.   Speaking to that…

I did manage to ask a question at the panel discussion, considering my antisocial habits this was a large feat for me.  I asked about platforms.  I write two genres.  The Adult Erotic Romances, like here on my blog, but also I write vanilla stories.  I’m not really sure what genre to put those in- I’m influenced by writers like Poe and Anne Rice (or so my professor told me).   I don’t post my vanilla writing here, and I won’t post my erotic writing on a vanilla blog (should I ever start one).  So I asked if it was worth putting them both in the same platform, or if I should have two separate.  The fiction writer suggested I use a different pen name for the vanilla writing.  Another author said that I should build up the erotic platform until it’s really strong then start pursuing the vanilla writing.  

So I thought I’d put the question out to my readers.   Would you like to see vanilla writing mingled with erotic writing on a blog?  or Would you rather they be completely separate?  ALSO, do you think it hurts a vanilla writers “reputation” to have an erotic series written under the same name or vise versa?

Gimme your thoughts!  If you’d rather email your thoughts you can do so- I’d love to hear from you. measha4769 AT gmail DOT com

and…cuz I get distracted quite easily…here’s another lovely picture I found while perusing the internet:

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