This commercial will not be seen on Superbowl Sunday, as it has been banned from the production.  Give it a watch, and you’ll get a pretty good feel as to why.

I thought it was pretty funny right up until the very end where it became quite disturbing.

The commercials are definitely my favorite part of the game, and I’m really looking forward to the half time show this year.  I consider myself a pretty sexual person, but I can’t wrap my head around why anyone thought this commercial would be appropriate for such an event where families are watching.  I can only imagine the questions popping out of my children’s mouths!   Then again, maybe it was just a stunt to get the commercial out there because it was banned, or it’s all a hoax.  Who knows… but it has provided me with a moment of entertainment, so kudos for that!

Scarlett Johanson was also rejected by Fox for the Superbowl commercial lineup. Apparently, the little dig at the big soda companies went unappreciated.  Meh.  You just keep sipping from that straw Scarlett…you can change the world.