Word Count: XLVIII for each quarter… so 192.
Bonus Words: Predict the final score and add the combined point total to your word count. So if you think it’s going to be Broncos 30, Seahawks 24, give yourself 54 bonus words. (Just for reference, the most points ever scored in a Super Bowl is 75.)
Required Words: Tight end, wide open, muff
Forbidden Words: NFL, Super Bowl, Super Sunday.
Extra Credit: It matters who wins.

The game made the perfect setting. Amy’s friend Jessica was coming over to watch the game with us. They spent the afternoon making appetizers for us to chomp down on during the game; it was unlikely that the artichoke dip would last until half time.

Jessica and Amy’s were college roommates. They shared everything.  They both had shoulder length caramel brown hair, my favorite, and deep chocolate eyes to match.  The only true difference between them was Jessica’s breasts were a bit larger than Amy’s.  

The food was dealt out on the coffee table, the drinks were at hand, and I was seated between the two hottest females in our apartment complex.  It was time for kick off.

“So, you girls wanna make this interesting?” I reached for chip.

“Sure, what did you have in mind?” The unsuspecting Jessica asked. Amy rolled her eyes. After dating for three years, she knew where I was going.

“Well, I think the Seahawks are going to win, but Amy is a Bronco’s beauty. How about… every time the Seahawks score you ladies remove a piece of clothing.” I grinned.  The two shared a glance  and smiled back at me.  

“Sure!” Jessica said and reached for her soda.  Amy nodded her agreement, and we watched the coin toss with bated breath.

The Seahawks were on fire! They scored 54 points and by the end of the game, the girls were completely stripped down to their skin.  

“Well, looks like the ten points the Broncos scored wasn’t enough to pull it off.” I ran my hands over their bare arms and kissed Amy.  My hand slipped under Jessica’s arm and began to fondle her breasts.  “How about we have a game of our own.  Jessica, you play tight end. Amy you’ll take the muff position, and I’ll keep you wide open.” Amy nodded and leaned over me towards her friend.  I watched…for a minute before I took my position on the field.  

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