Not knowing if the information we get from the internet is any good is part of the overwhelming panic that comes over couples new to BDSM or D/s or Power Exchange relationships.  We all want to find the beginning of the yellow brick road. The road that will lead us to the emerald city of happiness and stability in our dominance and submission, but we have a hard time finding it among the pages and pages of information out there. And just as we decide to forget it, nevermind, we’ll just swim around in the muck of our misery…we find a couple that is living a successful D/s relationship. A couple that have seen where the peaks and valleys lay and are willing to map out the way.  The couple I speak of is Dan and Dawn Williams, and the map I’m referring to is their book Living M/s; A book for Masters, slaves, and Their relationships.
Dan and Dawn are married and have been living in a M/s relationship for 14 years.  Love is part of the foundation of their relationship but is not the only component.  Dan is Master in their relationship and Dawn is his slave. This dynamic didn’t come to them over night; it took a lot of work, as their book points out. Now they present all over the country, helping other couples bring their D/s, M/s, Top/bottom relationships into the light where it can shine.  One thing they make clear in their book, and when they present,  is that their relationship isn’t the “right” or “only” way to live D/s, but it is a way that has worked for them.
The book is written from the point of view of the Master with “Dan says” and of slave with “dawn says”. This conversational way of writing makes it very easy to relate to both positions and authors.  They each have their own way of expressing themselves, and it shines through with each topic.  They speak of different types of slaves and Masters, discipline, slave training, rituals, and so much more.  Each topic is approached with their own experiences in mind which helps the reader not only trust that they know what they are talking about, but to identify with the topics at hand.  This was important to me as I read it the first time to myself, and then again to my husband, because it gave me hope that our relationship could not only work, but could work well.  
I recommend this book to everyone living a D/s lifestyle or just interested in the lifestyle, new or experienced. Everyone that reads it will benefit from it, either as a refresher on the basics or to get some new ideas to add to your current relationship. There is something for everyone.  
I also recommend…very strongly… their podcast Erotic Awakenings. There, they talk about all things erotic. It is easy to hear through their podcasts how much they love each other and how strong of a connection they share.  They talk about everything from dawn’s tentacle fetish to up-coming events.  They also interview others in the lifestyle. In fact, it is from their pod cast that I learned about Conquer Me, another great book.  
The Power Exchange Summit is a weekend conference for all Power Exchange relationships that Dan and dawn host in in Columbus, Ohio. This year the summit is being held May 30-June 1st.   This will be my first year attending, and I am really excited about it. I was able to attend a class that Dan and dawn presented last October, and if their summit is anything like that class, I’m sure I’ll be coming home with an abundance of new information, new ways of thinking, and a much closer relationship with my husband. For more information on the summit  visit the events page.
The book, Living M/s; A book for Masters, slaves, and Their relationships is available in print and kindle at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.. or just click HERE to get there and buy your copy today.  

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