I‘ve been working on a story and it’s time for the girl to be punished. She’s been cherished and now she has earned a punishment. I’m playing with the scene. Let me know what you think…good bad or otherwise. I’ll probably re-write it five more times….but here’s a sample of Mistaken Identity.

“Did you get to the dealership today?” A simple question that opened the door to world she hoped never step into.

“No. I forgot all about it.” A lie that he heard through the wires of the telephone connection.
“You didn’t forget.” An accusation.
A deep drawn out sigh. “No, I didn’t. I just didn’t want to deal with it today. I’ll go tomorrow.” A promise made before. It was her car, she saw no harm.  

“When you arrive tonight go straight to the bedroom. Undress from the waist down and bend over the bed.” Orders, usually given with a hint of request, now commanded. She swallowed.

“Why?” Her whimpering voice betrayed her.

“I did warn you.” His voice was casual, as though they spoke of where to go for dinner.

“Yes. I know, but I will go tomorrow. It’s my car, I don’t even really need it right now.” She found herself gripping the receiver of the phone so harshly that her fingertips had turned white.

“That’s not the point. You were told to do something and you didn’t. Tonight. In the bedroom. Don’t be late.”

“Okay.” She whispered.

“Good.” The line disconnected. She dropped the receiver back on the cradle and sat back in her office chair staring at it.

Her stomach lurched at the idea of what was to come.  As a child she had received a spanking or two, but she doubted that what she was about to experience would be anything similar to that.  

Three hours after the phone call she found herself standing at his front door.  He kept it unlocked for her, so she didn’t need to ring the bell.  She deposited her sandals in the front closet and hung her purse on her hook. She wiped the sweat from her palms on her khaki skirt and proceeded past the living room, towards the bedroom.  She saw him sitting in the kitchen as she passed, but did not acknowledge him.

Once inside the bedroom, she took several deep breaths, summoning the courage to go through with it. It was part of their arrangement.  She recalled how easy it was to agree to punishments. She never believed she’d earn one.  

Determination to see herself through the event at hand with a royal dignity set in, and she pushed herself from the door.  Once her skirt and white cotton panties where piled neatly on the dresser there was nothing left to do except position herself.

She examined the comforter of the bed. It was a simple royal blue, the sheets beneath were a lighter shade of the same color.  She noticed there was no bed skirt and wondered if he purposely neglected the piece or if he had not known about them.  

Lay over the bed. A simple concept, however she was finding extreme difficulty in performing the task.  She placed her palms on the cool bed covering and slid them forward, bringing her chest down to meet the bed.  She planted her feet to the floor.  She was exposed.  How long would she have to wait in such an undignified manner, with her bottom in the air for anyone to see?

Her quickened breath made her head spin. Her stomach jumped at the slightest sound of movement.  She imagined the sounds of a belt swishing, a paddle hitting her bottom, her cries for it to end. The soreness that awaited her. She wanted to bolt.

The handle turned. The door creaked. Soft footsteps. The door closed. He sighed. She wanted to disappear.