Required Phrase 
“And to all a good night”
Word Limit
NONE.  Go long, go short, just go and write
Bonus Words
None needed, 
but give yourself an extra 50 if 
you were good this year
75 if you were bad
Extra CreditGive your own personal Santa a roaring finish to 2013
And to All a Good Night! 

               He was taking the joke a little too far, the naked woman sitting in front of the elegantly decorated Christmas tree thought to herself as she waited for her husband to return.  The red cellophane wrapped around her torso, holding her arms down at her sides was tied in a large bow just below her bare breasts.   
            The joke of wanting only her wrapped in cellophane under the Christmas tree for Christmas went back to their high school years.  Now in their thirties he made his wish a reality.  She had been roused from sleep and carried to the living-room . The children were away for the weekend on a ski trip with their grandparents, no one would interrupt them.  She sat sleepily as he worked the cellophane around her body, kissing her and laughing as he trussed her up in a neat package.
            “There now, that’s a gift.” He sat on his heels in front of her brushing her hair from her face and grinning at her. She stared at him in shock.  “Now that I have my present. I want to give you yours.” He tweaked her nose and before she could utter a coherent word he was gone. She sat alone waiting.
            She pulled on the cellophane, but he knew his craft well. It would not budge. She sighed and decided the only thing to do was to wait, he would have his way- and she would love it.
            “Here now.” His voice brought her gaze upward, and she found herself staring at a pair of nude silken legs. She followed the legs up to a fully nude woman looking down at her with a smile that suggested wickedness.  “This is Samantha.  A great friend of mine, you’ve met her at the last play party. Do you remember?” he asked from the couch where he now sat with his legs crossed, a Santa hat perched on his head.  “JoAnne, answer me.” He firmed his tone when she did not respond. “Do you remember?”
            “Yes, Sir. I remember.” JoAnne looked up at the woman and swallowed hard.  The last time she remembered seeing Samantha, she was standing behind a woman strapped to a St. Andrews cross, using a flogger on her with no mercy.   Samantha looked down at JoAnne, her searing blue eyes heating up the room with her stare.
            “Good.” Her husband looked relaxed as if they were hosting a Tupperware party.
            Samantha sunk down to her knees in front of JoAnne and gently brushed the tips of her fingernails along her jaw line. She cupped her chin in her hand and brought her lips down on hers, claiming her.  A soft sigh escaped JoAnne as Samantha pulled away, keeping her eyes locked with hers.  She reached down and placed her thumb over her nipple, rolling it beneath.  JoAnne sucked in her breath and bit at her lower lip.
            “You do like that, don’t you?” Samantha asked, her voice teased a bit.  She flicked JoAnne’s nipple when she did not respond. “I asked a question, girl.”
            “Yes, I did,” JoAnne whispered.  Samantha nodded and began to run her hands over both of her breasts.
            “This cellophane does a good job of lifting the breasts. I will have to remember this for my own girls,” she said to JoAnne’s husband.  Samantha leaned back and reached for a small black bag that JoAnne had not noticed until that moment. She pulled out a handheld leather paddle, and caressed the handle with her fingers.
            Joanne had little time to wonder what was to be done with the implement before it crashed down on her bare breasts. She cried out and wiggled beneath her restraint, but Samantha only laughed and struck her again. She repeated the attack on her breasts until they were rose red.
            “I always kiss my booboos away,” she promised and positioned herself lower bringing JoAnne’s right nipple into her mouth.  She suckled lightly and ran her teeth over the nub, smiling into the breast at the sound of her prisoner’s moan.  Her tongue circled her nipple and slowly she licked her before placing a chaste kiss on her breast and moving to the left breast.   She held the breast in her hand, squeezing slightly as she bit at the nipple. She looked up and found JoAnne staring down at her, pupils dilated.  “That’s a good girl.” She cooed and moved lower.
            Once positioned on her belly in front of JoAnne and pulled her hips towards her until Joanne was lying on her back.  The wrapping made it difficult for her to see down her body but the sudden cool breath of her assailant on her clit stilled her.  She felt her hips being raised in Samantha’s hands and before the movements registered in her mind she felt the wet, warmth of her tongue swirling around her clit licking, suckling, and flicking at her.
            “This is good, Sebastian.” she heard Samantha say to her husband. “You’ve been withholding from me.” She smiled into JoAnne’s thigh and thrust two fingers into her hotness.  JoAnne arched upward, taking more of her in and moaning the pleasure of it all. Samantha covered her with her mouth and thrust her fingers in and out deeply with force. Her tongue was no longer gentle, but rather attacked the swollen clit, lapping at it hungrily, seeking the edge that JoAnne teetered on.
            “SIR!” JoAnne shouted.
            “Release,” Sebastian’s pleased smile could be heard in his command. Joanne scratched at the carpet as her restraints would allow as she felt the intense crash of her orgasm hit. She arched up into Samantha’s mouth and cried out with the pleasure of it.  Slowly Samantha brought her hips back down to the carpet and slowed the dance of her tongue until Joanne’s breathing calmed.
            “What do you say?” Samantha asked as she rubbed JoAnne’s thighs.
            “Thank you,” JoAnne whispered into the air between gulps of air. Her heart was racing still from the experience.
            “You’re more than welcome, dear.” Samantha patted her thigh gently.  “Now, for my gift.” She turned to Sebastian and crawled to him slowly.  JoAnne turned her head slightly and watched as Samantha climbed onto the couch and sat on her husband’s lap, inserting his very erect cock into her.

As you can see I totally disregarded all rules and regulations this week. I couldn’t help it; I’ve had this scenario in my head for some time now and my characters very rarely let me control what’s going on, so there ya go. I do hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you will join in. Just pop over to Advizorforall’s blog and get the prompt and off you go. Or just head over there to read all of the other great entries this week.

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