The new year is fast approaching and during this time we have left in 2013 a popular question being asked is “What is your new years resolution?”   I personally do not have one, and haven’t in many years. However, I do have several goals for 2014, and I thought I’d list some of them here.

1.  Finish my manuscript Mistaken Identity in time for the Spring Fling Writers Conference in Chicago in April.  

2. Keep my blog updated every dayish. I have a few ideas I’m working on, hopefully they work out.

3.  Re-edit and Re-publish A Darker Side of Me,  a collection of erotic short stories.

OK, those are the three big goals I have for the year.  

May all of my readers, and your families, and your families families have a wonderful New Year. May your best day of 2013 be your worst day in 2014!  
Happy New Year!

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