Word Limit213
Required Ending “WOW, that was…..(fill in the blank)”
Forbidden words –Smoke
Bonus Words – Don’t leave her alone (unless you are into that)
Extra Credit – Buy and extra present for a local Christmas toy drive (50 words and a smug feeling of satisfaction for each toy donated)


“Strip and lie on the bed.” He ordered gently.  
She longed for his eyes to wash over her. His gaze warmed her in ways clothing never could. Once nude, she positioned herself on the queen sized bed of the motel.  He liked to play in different places. They once drove an hour to a farm where they spent a wonderful afternoon in a barn. She would swear the horses blushed at the things he did to her that day.
“Now, spread your legs for me, place your ankles at the corners of the bed, there. That’s it.” He smiled down at her from between her feet.  
She smiled back at him.  
He slipped his hand into the front pocket of his jeans and pulled out a small green ball with a wick. She swallowed hard. He held his little toy with the excitement of a child.
“Good.” He sat between her legs and reached for her softness. With one finger he traced her sex. He locked eyes with her and pressed her clit. He tapped a few times to bring her to full erection. The wonderful scent of her arousal rose into the air.  
“Hold still.”  She kept her eyes on the ceiling as he pushed the green ball into her.  She heard the click of a lighter and felt the warmth of the flame as the wick was lit.  The smell of the fumes consumed her and the room filled with a gray cloud. “Now we can have fun.” He sat beside her and began to stroke her. The heat from the wick, the aroma of its fumes, and the feel of his touch mingled together in a ball of confusion. “Focus on me.”
She felt him rubbing, twisting, pulling at her excitement. She wanted him to do the same to her tits. He ignored her wants. He whispered wicked fantasies into her ear. Promises of future spankings and evenings of pleasurable torture.
“You may Cum, but keep that ball in place.” he ordered and rubbed her clit faster until she yelled out with her release.  
He plucked the green ball from her and opened the window, tossing it into the parking lot below.

“Wow, that was smelly!” he laughed as he fanned the rest of the fumes out of the window. She giggled in response.  

I earned an extra 300 words this holiday season, but didn’t use all of them. I forgot about that little tidbit and cut my blurb down until I was only slightly disobedient…ah well.  Hope you enjoyed it and I hope you join our FFF Fun with Advizortoall who is turning out to be a pretty awesome host.  If you don’t have a blog for your own entry, no problem, contact me and I’d love to host your entry.