Word Limit275
Required Beginning – “I could not believe what I was reading…..
Forbidden words –      Master, servant, Postage, parchment, poisson (French version)
Bonus Words – Write a wildly inappropriate letter to an on-line crush and send it to them.
 Blame me if you’d like (47 words)

Extra Credit – Sign the letter you wrote with your real name.

Note:  I completely disregarded the word limit, but followed strictly the required beginning and forbidden words. 

The Best Part of Waking Up….

I could not believe what I was reading. My owner, my love, left the most explicit instructions for me.  While I slept, he scribbled notes of erotic pleasures on my stationary beside the bed.  

The first item on the list: “Play with your nipples. Keep them hard for five minutes. Do NOT let them go soft. Then you may shower and go about your chores.”

An odd thing to request of me, I thought at first. He’s not here to enjoy such a show. He usually leans back in his arm chair and watches me pull, play and toy with my body at his instruction.  My nipples bring me the most pleasure when he manipulates them. One night as he was drifting off to sleep, I tore the blankets from my chest and begged him to touch me.

“Forgive me, Sir. But if you don’t touch me I think I will die!” I pleaded with him. The urge to be touched by his fingers far outweighed any punishment I might receive for keeping him awake. I am lucky in my owner, however. He laughed and turned toward me.

“You need my touch, do you?” his voice seduced me further.

“Yes, sir.” I whispered into the darkness.  I could not have kept the desperation from my voice had I tried.  

He made no sound, only gently brushed his fingertips across my erect nipple.  He lightly caressed the left and then moved to the right. I arched my back, trying to reach out to his hand, to feel him fully. He laughed again.  He used his palm to roll the stiff bud and I moaned with my urgency.  When I felt I would surely die under his torture, he sat up and used both of his hands to manipulate me.  He leaned down and placed his warm lips over mine and just as I melted into him, he was gone.  

“Go to bed now,” he said. I felt the smile in his voice and pulled the covers up to my chin once more.

DING!!!  The timer rings beside the bed. Five minutes are up. I lay back on my pillows and smile into the soft glow of the morning sun.

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