Break Down

The day had not gone as planned.  The gas gauge was broken, and I was out of gas.  No where near the rendezvous point, I sat in the van searching for a bar or two on my phone to call for rescue.  He’d find the situation funny, he’d have a great, hearty laugh at my expense, then he’d rescue me.

“Sit outside the van, on the road. I’ll come to you.” he instructed after his laughter relented, remotely.

“Outside?” I clarified, certain he didn’t really mean for me to sit out on the open road in my condition.

“Yes, sit outside, and wait for me.  Did you bring the foot gear I asked for my trip next week?
“Yes, of course I did-”

“Good.” I heard his evil grin take form. “Put them on. I’d hate for your feet to be unprotected. I’m on my way.” he hung up before any objection could take place.  

I looked down the road, I hadn’t seen a car in twenty minutes. It was probably safe.  I hopped out of the van, the sun warming my naked body. I sat against the van, legs stretched out in front of me, and the hot asphalt beneath me. I looked absurd with his swimming gear on my feet.  I watched for him with my binoculars, hoping that no one would see fit to use the road until I was safely tucked inside his truck.

I wondered if I was arrested for public nudity, would they make me take off my rubber fins?

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