It arrived. The day on the calendar that had been circled several times with a deep red marker, the anticipated moment.
Dominick arrived at their townhouse at exactly five o’clock. He could feel her tension as he entered through the front door, quietly shutting and locking the entrance.  He took a moment to slip off his suit jacket and hang it on the railing leading up to the second floor.  He loosened his tie and swept his eyes across the living room.  Immaculate, as always.  The gray carpeting was still damp from being cleaned that morning, so he slipped out of his leather shoes before walking towards the kitchen.

Clean dishes lined the shelves of the cabinets. Marble counter-tops kept clear from all clutter.  He reached for a glass from the cabinet and poured himself a glass of orange juice.  Leaning against the counter, he looked around, inspecting her work.  He grinned with pride.   He left the empty glass on the counter, walked through the living room and headed up to their bedroom.

There she knelt.  Her bare skin quivered from the chill in the room, her head bowed, her face hidden beneath her hair. Her hair reminded him of caramel, not only because of the soft brown tone but because it framed her face so sweetly, giving her a soft smooth look that he loved so much.  Her hands rested on her slender thighs, palms up. Around her wrists, she wore the new black cuffs he bought her on their trip to New York the previous week.  Although her hair hid most of her features, he knew the matching collar was secure around her neck.  He stood in the doorway admiring the beauty before him.

“You did well downstairs.” he said while folding his arms over his broad chest.  “Did you take care of the other items I left for you?”

“Yes, Sir” she answered keeping her eyes fixed on her palms.  She wanted desperately to look at him, to lock her eyes with his and feel the comfort of his stare. Nothing gave her more warmth and security than his gaze as it washed over her body.

“Excellent.” he said and took two strides towards her, his toes touching her knees. “Look at me.” She slowly raised her eyes to meet his.  Her deep blue eyes locked with him and instantly they both felt their connection, their longing for each other.  She noticed the small dimple on the right side of his cheek as he began to grin down at her. She took a deep breath and smiled back at him.  He reached his hand out and lightly ran his fingertips along her jaw.

“Did you have a good day?” she asked while leaning her face into his touch.
“Yes, my presentation went well and I was able to sign another client. All in all- a good day. Where is the item I asked you to keep beside you?” he quickly changed the subject.  She made a small movement of her left leg and revealed the riding crop he had required her to bring to their bedroom.  He could see that she had obeyed his every instruction in getting ready for their evening together.   “Good.” he smiled and brushed her hair back from her face.  Abruptly, he took a step back from her.

Her eyes fixated on his feet.  Unsure of where to place them, she found it best to divert her gaze until he required her full attention.

“Tell me again what it was you asked me last week.” he commanded as he began to unbutton the top button of his shirt.

“I asked that you use the crop,” she answered in a meek voice that he could barely make out.

“Louder. Project yourself. If you would like me to consider your wants, you’ll have to be sure I can hear them.” he pulled the tie free from the knot and slid it from his collar.

“I asked that you use the crop, Sir.” she repeated with a bolder tone.

“That’s right.  You asked that I take the crop and use it on your bottom.” he smiled down at her, knowing that her face was flushed at the thought of it and the memory of having asked the question.  He draped the tie over the end of the bed and stood before her again.  “Pick up the crop, kiss it with your lips, then offer it up to me.  Be sure to ask for what you want, else I may just do as I please instead.”

With graceful movements she picked up the crop and balanced it in her open palms.  She brought the crop to her lips, moving her eyes to meet his; she gently placed her lips upon the handle.  Her hands moved upward, careful to keep the crop in perfect balance, she held it up to him in offering.

“Sir, if it pleases you, I would like it very much if you would use this crop on my backside.” She spoke carefully.

“Oh, it will please me.  I think I will also use it on your legs, and your tits, and your pussy.” his grin widened as he removed the crop from her hands. He lightly tapped the end of the crop against his left palm.

 His green eyes darkened with the thought of what he was about to do to her.  She noticed the dimple in his cheek and shivered with the excitement of it all.