The conductor walked down the hallway of the private compartments inspecting tickets of the weary travelers.  Tammy Wilhouse slept soundly in compartment 21a, and took little pleasure in being woken before her destination. 
            She threw open the door of the small sleeping room standing confidently in her white and black lace undergarments to stare down the intruder.  She smiled wickedly at the man, only a year or two younger than herself, who was staring openly at her body.  Placing a hand on her hip she leaned against the door frame.
            “Can I help you?” she purred, he visibly gulped.
            “Uh, ticket. I’m stamping tickets.” He said stupidly, holding up his stamper for her to see.
            “If I don’t have my ticket what will you do?” she tilted her head , placing her finger tip on the bottom of her lip.  He gulped again.
            “Uh. Well.”
            “Will you give me a spanking?” she whispered. The blush that scorched his face told her he had heard.  “Or, should I give you one for waking me up?” she turned her voice hard.  His blush intensified, he shifted his feet.  “Oh. Yes.  I think that’s the way of it.” She reached d out, took his navy tie into her grasp and pulled him into her cabin.