Months ago I wrote a little flash fiction for flash fiction friday. (Is that still going one btw, if not we should resurrect it…) I’m working on the continuation of the little blurb and this what I have so far. First here is the original entry:

A Virtue Learned
By: Measha Stone

“Will you use the flogger?” She questioned.

“Patience,” he smiled teasingly across the table.

“Just tell me,” she pouted. He dropped his smile and his fork.

“Patience,” his frown should have stopped her.

“Just tell me,” she repeated.

“Very well,” his voice hard.

She was nearly dragged to her room. He led her to the corner and stripped off her clothing. He retrieved the collar hanging on the wall and snapped it into place. The heavy chain cascaded down her back, resting between her buttocks. “Pateince,” he instructed and left her in darkness.

And now the continuation……
A cool breeze whisked through the room, once again sending a tingle down her naked back and nudging her nipples into full erection. She growled to herself in frustration, aggravated at herself for not heeding the warning in his eyes during dinner along with annoyance at him for taking so long to retrieve her from where he chained her.

The heavy chain was beginning to weigh on her neck, and her hands were beginning to tingle from being cuffed behind her back, leaving her unable to warm her achingly chilled breasts. She nearly shouted when yet another gust of wind made its way through the cracked window, instead she hopped from one foot to another trying to warm her body.

She looked longingly at the bed that was a mere five feet away from her. The king sized pallet taunted her with it’s overstuffed down comforter, the over sized pillows propped lovingly against the hand carved head board, and her very own robe was laying across the bottom of the bed. “Agh!” she grunted and stomped her bare foot to the hard wooden floor beneath her.

“You are a stubborn little pet, aren’t you?” she heard his husky voice from the doorway. She hadn’t heard the door creak open signaling his return to the room. She quickly straightened her stance and peered at him through the loose strands of hair that had fallen in front of her face.

“I’m very cold,” she spoke softly as he approached her. She knew that he could keep her chained to the wall all night if it was his inclination and she knew that if she did not show some humility he would likely do just that.

“I can see that,” he smirked as he reached her and brushed his knuckles against her hardened nipples, the sharp intake of breath told him that she was far from being numb from the cold.

“I’m sorry that I did not listen to you at dinner,” she shifted her weight to her right foot and tried to shake the hair from her eyes. Noticing her plight, he used his forefinger to trace her forehead, neatly capturing the disobedient strands and tucking them nicely behind her ear for her. His finger then traced her ear lobe before he let his hand wander down her neck, along her collar bone until he reached the front of her chest. He looked her in the eyes then, keeping her gaze trapped within his own as he lightly ran is finger down her chest and he took her nipple between his thumb and his forefinger. She shut her eyes at first but he only intensified his grip until she reopened them and found his gaze once more.

“Dinner was delicious,” he smiled devilishly. She should have known that he would return to the kitchen to finish eating while she was left in the darkened room freezing half to death. “Would you like me to unchain you?” he asked as he took began to roll her nipple between his fingers.

“Yes, Please, Sir,” she nodded.

“Please? Hmm… Perhaps I should chain you up more often,” he joked and released her from his grasp, again she sucked in her breath at the burning sensation that replaced the pressure of his fingers. He took two steps around her and pulled a key from the pocket of his jeans. A quick turn of the key and she felt the weight of the metal collar being lifted from her neck and she sighed with relief. She wiggled her fingers, a signal that she wanted the cuffs to be opened as well. “Those stay,” he answered her by tugging on the cuffs to ensure they were tight enough. She was disappointed but she did not show it outwardly toward him. “Good Girl,” he cooed in her ear from behind her. He knew she was very accustomed to getting what she wanted when she wanted and it was becoming increasingly hard for her to accept the changes he was invoking in her.

He led her by her arm to the bed, twirled around her and plunked himself on the bed, keeping her in front of him. He looked up at her gentle features and wanted to smile at the pout she was doing her very best to hide from him. He instead pulled her down swiftly over the side of the bed so that her bottom was exposed to him and her feet were barely touching the floor. She grunted as her face landed on the soft comforter, if nothing else she was glad to have her breasts warm………….

I’m not done, there will be more…..but I have neglected this blog for so long I wanted to get something out there…I need to write more on paper then in my head…I have too many stories stuck up there! 🙂

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