One of my favorite authors, Jennifer Bene, stopped in to share her newest release Early Sins. I didn’t let her get away without answering a few questions though!

• How do you select the names of your characters? They just kind of name themselves. Sometimes if I just need some generic name for another character I figure out their age, and look up the top baby names for that birth year, read through them until one stands out.

Does writing energize or exhaust you? I feel like it’s both. I don’t get to write until after my day job, and after my kiddo is in bed, so by then I’m tired, but I love to write and so I get an energy boost from that, but it usually carries me from about 8pm – 11pm. Then I crash to get up at 5am to start it all over!

What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel? The Black Jewels trilogy by Anne Bishop

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk? I play music, and sometimes sing, while I’m writing. I don’t quite know how I manage this.

What is your favorite part of the book? Without spoiling anything there is a scene where Camille and Smith are torturing someone, and she realizes she doesn’t care about the monsters of her past anymore. She feels neutral, and she lets Smith have his catharsis instead. It’s the scene that makes their relationship really possible, and it’s so twisted, and fucked up, and violent – but it’s perfect for them.

If you could spend time with a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do during that time? It would be Camille, and I’d want her to teach me some moves, see if she could improve my firearm accuracy, and then we’d drink together.


The Blurb

There are some things in life that only a bullet will fix.

Before Camille Devereaux knew how to kill, before she could even hold a gun – she was a tortured girl with a dark past and only one purpose in life. To destroy the men who had taken her.

When she walked into his world Smith wasn’t sure what to expect from the tiny, blonde waif – but it definitely wasn’t the sharp-tongued anger eating her alive. Determined, beautiful, and destined for catastrophe if he doesn’t intervene – Smith takes her in.

As he guides her deeper and deeper into a world of brutal training, bullets, and blood she discovers that this gun-toting, male model gorgeous, guardian angel of death might just be her only hope at vengeance. But their constant companionship is more than professional, and the tension between them is growing as fast as her skill, and there’s only so much Smith can do to ignore his own feelings as Camille ticks off the names on her list one by one.

Discover the dark history that started the world of ‘Dangerous Games’ in this exciting, sexy, action-packed, erotic thriller that will keep you turning pages to find out what happens next!


Sexy Snippet

“Like the view?” She peeked at him over her shoulder, and he spanked her, but she didn’t even flinch. Camille actually planted her hands on the wall and thrust her ass out further.

“Did you like that?” He asked and ran his hands around to her front, teasing her nipples until they grew hard against his fingertips.

“Yes…” she purred, bowing her back to press her breasts more firmly into his hands.


The possessiveness he’d felt the night before when he’d seen that rich bastard flirting with her surged again, and he knew that now that he’d had her – there was no way he could let her go. Her age, her history, her steel inner core that made her impossibly stubborn and incredibly powerful, it was all just more of her, and he couldn’t get enough. “Have I mentioned that you’re perfect?” he spoke softly against her neck and he felt the shiver go through her.

“Once or twice since last night, but I’m far from fucking perfect.”

“We’ll work on your mouth.” He tried to sound stern, but it only worked because she couldn’t see the grin on his face.

“I can get on my knees again and you can work on my mouth all you want.”

There was no stifling his groan as he slid one hand down her belly between her legs, and when he swiped a finger between her thighs he found her soaking wet. “Do you want me?” he asked, and she shifted her weight from leg to leg, making her hips wiggle enticingly as he stroked her clit.

“Yes, Smith…” she whined and he chuckled.

“Alright, bend forward a little more.” His eyes roamed her curves, the random blossoming bruises that he’d likely put there, but they weren’t ugly, just testaments to her strength. Just another part of her beauty. C shifted forward and then he adjusted her hips and moved behind her. With all of the water it would have been difficult to enter her smoothly if she hadn’t been so wet, but with one thrust he was buried deep. Hot. Tight. Mine. They both groaned and she pressed back against him, so perfect, and he knew he was lost already. Her talented mouth, combined with too many years with absolutely no one, there was no way he’d have any control.

“Fuck…” Camille tightened down on him and rocked her hips forward and he growled and spanked her lightly.

“Be still and come for me.” Keeping himself still inside her he slipped his hand over her hip and brushed over her clit, when she jumped she gripped him again and he hissed air through his teeth. “Stay still.”

“I don’t know how the fuck you expect me to do that.”

“Because I asked you to.”

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Get to know the Author

Jennifer Bene is a best-selling author of erotic fiction who loves wine, hiking, whiskey, and keyboards – not necessarily in that order. She’s been writing for years, but it’s always been the dark stuff that makes her tingly, so her books are full of aggressive alpha males and Doms, feisty women who may or may not have a submissive streak, and intense, psychological storylines. Whether it’s showing up in erotica, paranormal romance, menage, or anything else she decides to venture into, it’s always a little dark. But, don’t worry, she also insists on having a nice little happily-ever-after! After all, without the dark, we’d never notice the light, now would we?

When she’s not attached to a keyboard, she likes to read, binge on Netflix, get outside, participate in her local BDSM community, and enjoy life with friends/family! She lives in Texas, and no, she doesn’t own a horse or wear a cowboy hat, you’d have better luck finding her on the dance floor downtown. Seriously.

Jennifer would love to hear from you! She does her best to keep readers up to date via social media, and tries to always respond when readers are nice enough to message her, so go ahead!

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