#SatSpanks my favorite day of the weekend!  Liberated Heart released this past week, so I thought I’d offer one more snippet before I started to concentrate on my newest project. I’m not telling you what it is though- could be dark, could be fairy-talesque, could be time travel, could be sweet– nah, never that!  It could be any of those- they are all in my line up for future projects.  But I’m rambling…so onto the goods! Liberated Heart!


        Her wet skin made it easier to ease onto the counter, the slight flip of her stomach made looking at him more difficult.  She kept her knees together and gripped the ledge with her hands on either side of her legs. “Open your legs.” He stepped to her side, the rough denim of his jeans brushing her leg. “Is this what you wanted?” Two fingers pushed right inside her, and she released the most unladylike grunt she’d ever heard herself give. “Push your pussy out for me,” He looked down at her.  No one ever looked at her there.  “Roll your hips forward and push out your pussy.” He withdrew his hand and slapped her inner thigh hard.

I love Bradley more and more every time I take a look back at the horrible delicoius things he’s done to Erin throughout their journey. If you haven’t picked up your copy, do it today!  you can find it at Amazon , Blushing Books B&N. And if you’ve already read it, please take a second to let them know what you thought! I love hearing back from readers! 


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