I’ve already begun writing Hunted, book two in this series, but for this week, I decided to give you another peak into Devin and Kara’s story. Protected should be out later this year. In this little snippet, Kara has been a good girl- at least better than before, but Devin is still going to put her back in her cage. She hasn’t earned her freedom yet, after all.


“First of all, you don’t talk to me that way. Second of all, I said you were going back to your cage because that’s where you go when you’re not behaving. You tried to hurt me, pet. You don’t get to sleep in my bed again until we’ve gotten everything straightened out, when you’ve learned how to behave.”

“I did what you said. I obeyed! What else do you want?” She looked ready to lunge for him, and he braced himself. He hoped she gained control of herself before she did something so stupid. As much as he loved the sway of her ass as he spanked her, she couldn’t take another punishment today.

“The idea is to obey even when you don’t want to, pet.” He walked over to the kitchen pantry and grabbed the damn leash again. She put her hands up, trying to block him, but he was stronger, and managed to get the latch on it. “Let’s go.” He yanked the lead and practically dragged her to the basement door. When she grabbed onto the door frame and wouldn’t let go, he growled. Without even so much as a word to her, he pried her fingers from the frame and hauled her over his shoulder.  She gave a little yelp when she landed, but he didn’t pay it any mind. They had made progress, but his stubborn little captive wouldn’t give over. She wanted to, he’d seen it in her eyes when he encouraged her, when he petted her, but she wasn’t letting herself go.



Next up is all the other great posts for this week. Hop on over to all of them and make sure to leave your mark!  In case you didn’t catch it on Wednesday, because the link never took apparently, my #WipItUpWednesday post went live on YouTube, if you dare to listen to me read my excerpt you can find the video here.

If you stop by next week, you’ll be able to watch the exciting interview I had with Delia Grace about her upcoming release  Beautifying Bernadette. My first live interview with another author, and we had a lot of fun doing it.  If you are an author, a writer, a reader, or someone who just wants to get together for a few minutes to chat about romance, erotic romance, spanking romance or writing in general be sure to contact me.  Don’t let the camera scare you off, we can do audio only if that’s your thing.

Now off you go… #SatSpanks is a great day for spanking!





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