I had the distinct pleasure to talk with Delia Grace for a few minutes about her upcoming release Beautifying Bernadette.  The interview is below, and below that is a sizzling sexy snippet of the book- you don’t want to skip it.



“But, seriously, Bernadette, we have forty-five minutes before we need to be in the car and your breakfast is ice cold now.”

She waved her hand dismissively. “Oh, you can eat it, don’t worry about feeding me today. I’ll be so excited and nervous I probably won’t even be able to get anything down.” She quickly turned and went down the hall to her room in case he had anything he wanted to say.

He did. He followed her. He leaned against her door frame and cleared his throat. “Ahem, Miss Douglas? Try that again. I am sure I did not hear you try to tell me that you’re not eating today. Because that will not fly.”

Her tummy flipped, but Bernie kept faced away from him looking for something to wear. She dropped the towel she had around her body and felt sick at first when he was silent, worried that he was disgusted by her body. She bit her lip in excitement when a moment later she heard him gasp and groan. “As delectable as your body is…and no matter how desperately I want to ravage you right now… the question still stands. Are you trying to say you do not intend to eat today?”

Bernie shook her ass impetuously, trying to ignore the jiggle, and shook her hair again peeking over her shoulder. “Is food really what’s on your mind right now?” She pouted her lip in a way she assumed was seductive and, dropping the pair of panties she had grabbed out of the drawer, spread her legs and bent over completely to pick them up, exposing her freshly shaved… everything.

Levi groaned a little, glad he was already leaning against the wall for support. Taking a deep breath, and a moment to “adjust” himself, he strode over. “How kind of you to already be in position for me.” He held her torso tight under one arm, so her head was behind him, and grinned as she struggled to stand up. He smacked her exposed bottom moderately with his free hand a couple dozen times as he spoke. “I believe that I asked you a question, young lady. And, as enticing as your body is to me, I think you need to give me an answer. Right. Now.” He finished with a hard slap to the center of each cheek to emphasize the immediacy.

Bernie was startled when he grabbed her and gasped when he slapped her ass. “Seriously? Ouch! Levi, let me up!” She couldn’t help but laugh a little. “Seriously! You’ve slapped my ass like four times in the last eighteen hours. Don’t you think this is a little overkill? Big strong HOH types are supposed to spank the heroine every few chapters, not like every few hours.”

He continued smacking her bottom, sharply, but not incredibly hard and laughed at her description. Giving another slap every few words, he said, “Well, if you’d start behaving, I wouldn’t have to keep spanking. Is there a limit I am supposed to know about? And this isn’t some romance novel. This is real life and you, my dear girl, are ‘real sassy’ and really need a lot of discipline. Now, answer my question unless you want me to get creative back here.”

She squirmed a little and could feel something wet building up between her legs—shit! She hadn’t considered that shaving it all would mean there was nothing to catch the… her arousal. Which was now sliding down her leg. She blushed, sure he was going to notice. She was supposed to be getting ready for church for Chrissake and—damn it—she was so incredibly horny. He started spanking harder and Bernie started to squeal and tried harder to get away.

“Okay, okay! I’ll eat, damn it! God, please stop!” She knew when the words left her mouth he was going to say the most cliché thing ever. And he did. Smirking he said, “As flattering as ‘God’ is, Sir, or Officer Jackson would be perfectly acceptable. There’s really no need to elevate my status.” She groaned. “But I am glad that you have acknowledged that you’re going to eat.” He started rubbing her moderately pink posterior and she moaned. “Oh, you like that, Miss Douglas?” He moved lower and caught the edges of her lips. “Oh, my sweet Bernadette, somebody did not dry off very well down here; I had better assist you.”

She thought she was going to die as he rubbed her smooth mound. She wasn’t sure if it was blood rushing to her head from being upside down, or the pleasure from his fingers, or not eating breakfast yet, but her legs started to shake. Levi scooped her up and carried her over to the bed, laying her flat on her back, holding her wrists against the bed and climbing over her to straddle her with his knees on either side of her body.

He looked into her eyes hungrily. “You, my dear Miss Douglas, are a very very naughty girl. Enticing me with your sexy body, distracting me from my mission, and, at this point, I highly doubt I will have time to show you my house before we have to go to church.” He began kissing her face softly, nose, forehead, each of her cheeks, and then leaned forward to nip her ears. Then he slowly began to nuzzle her neck with his chin. “Very. Very. Naughty.”

Bernie gave minimal effort in trying to get away from him, and could not help but writhe and moan as he held her down and kissed her. She felt like she might have an orgasm just from his kisses, and the fact that he was holding her down. She squeaked when she felt a sharp prick on her neck. “Hey! Don’t bite me!”

He gave her a rakish grin. “I was just marking what is mine.” She blushed and then melted into him, submitting deeper if that was even possible. Levi looked into her face, searching for a moment, and then squeezed her wrists tightly before releasing them. “Do not move these without permission, or you will be punished.” He slowly moved his mouth down her body, gently kissing her upper chest and shoulders, moving down each arm with airy sucks of his mouth, feather-like kisses to every centimeter of her torso and abdomen. Once he reached the apex of her pussy, he skipped it completely, moving to her thighs, kissing outside and in with the same methodical tender care. Bernie felt a sense of loss when he released her wrists, but his words had her heart beating faster and she felt the bed underneath her thighs and butt growing damp as her pleasure trickled down. She was soon overwhelmed with sensations as his lips caressed her body. She worked hard to keep her hands still as the warmth and care of his lips overtook her. She was surprised when he seemed to have missed her breasts, her nipples fully alert, stretching out to meet the mouth that so rudely neglected them. When he kissed her ribcage, it tickled a bit and it took all of her self control to stay in position. But she did. She felt a mixture of pride and wonder as she held her arms above her head—it was as if his words alone were holding them there. She had made out with a lot of boys over the years, but nothing even approaching the intensity this man was giving her at this moment.

She felt a crushing disappointment when he bypassed her drenched womanhood and mewed in displeasure. But, the beautiful agony of his kisses to her thighs had her moaning and thrusting out her nether-regions, begging for his attention. Writhing on the bed, still holding her arms still, but allowing her legs to squirm and her voice to let her needs be known. Levi looked up at her tenderly and placed his palm between her breasts.

deliagracebbcover“Shh… Be still, my dear. I am so pleased with you for staying in position, and I just need your obedience and submission a few more minutes. Okay? Can you do that for me?” He noticed an odd look of sadness cross her face and he gave a little smile. “Let me rephrase that, you will do that for me. You will lay still and receive the gift that I have for you in the timing I intend, understood?” Bernie melted into stillness.

“Yes, sir. I’d do anything for you right now, Levi.” Levi smiled proudly and went back to work leaving a trail of kisses down her smooth legs, even the bottoms of her feet. Once he had thoroughly loved her legs, he lifted one of her feet and carefully started kissing her toes, giving each toe a deep suck of his mouth, licking the backs of them. Unable to move her body out of her deep desire to obey, Bernie could only show her intense pleasure and enjoyment through her vocal cords. She squealed and moaned and shrieked. The sensations mildly tickling and overwhelmingly erotic. She had the fleeting thought, this is like a blowjob for my feet, but did not speak for fear he would stop. When he had thoroughly loved every part of the front of her body, except for the tenderest places that were practically screaming for him, he quickly flipped her over.

“I still expect those arms to stay in position, Miss Douglas.” She obeyed silently, but looked over at him quizzically. Glassy eyed, trusting him completely. He performed the same loving assault on her back, every space feeling the loss of his lips and a slight chill when he moved on to the next. He smiled as he brushed her ass with his lips, happy to feel the heat still in them, a few slight marks from the spatula the day before. He made sure to kiss each of the marks several times and was rewarded with heavy sighs and moans of happiness from his maiden. He exhibited his own self control when he mildly nibbled the backs of her knees and he could see every part of her body straining to hold them still. He decided it would be mean to torture her. Today. But he would definitely be making use of that information, and filed it away for a later date. Kissing the soles of her feet once more, he gently flipped her back. Bernie was fluctuating between every nerve ending in her body screaming for release and feeling like a completely liquid pile of goo. She couldn’t even think anymore, just receive. She had never felt so wanted and desired. She did not know it was possible to be this cherished by another human being. Her eyes widened and she gave a sharp intake of air as he finally, finally, lowered his mouth onto her breast.

“Oh, God!” Her body rolled into an intense orgasm with a nip of his teeth on her nipple. She had never experienced an orgasm outside of clitoral stimulation and didn’t even know it was possible, but as it rolled through her, she screamed in ecstasy, no time to ponder or second guess, her body just took control. As the intensity died down, she looked into his eyes and whispered, “I’m sorry. I don’t think I was supposed to do that yet. But… Wow!”

Levi kissed her deeply on the lips and looked right back at her eyes. “That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, Miss Douglas, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.” Giving a devilish smile, he sat back up. “But, I am not done yet.” He quickly moved to the one part of her anatomy he had left completely devoid of his affections. With one hand giving attention to the breast he had not kissed yet, he lowered his mouth onto her drenched pussy lips and lapped up her sweetness. His tongue shooting in and out of her tender hole so strong in its worth that her body writhed and he did not correct her. Now working both hands over her sensitive peaks, he moved his glorious mouth to her swollen nub. She felt that it must have been impossible for him to have missed it up until this point because it had never felt so full and exposed in her life. And yet, when he finally gave it the attention it had been screaming for, she knew no one had ever been loved there so fully in all of existence.

Between the relentless rolling of her pebbles and his magical tongue, she exploded, screaming, her entire body shaking in the process. The waves of pleasure ran over and over unstopping, seeming, for that moment, that they would never end. When she finally came down enough to breathe, she was shocked to realize there were tears all over her face. She had never cried from an orgasm before. But it felt right. Complete.

She looked at him adoringly and whispered hoarsely, “My shoulders are cramping.”

Levi laughed and gently massaged her shoulders and arms and lowered them to her sides. “You are a good good woman, Bernadette Douglas. I am so proud of you, dear one.” He laid next to her and they enjoyed the silence for a moment and then chuckled. “You’d better get dressed or we are going to be late for church…”

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