Short snippet from Windy City Book 4, Liberated Heart.  I don’t have a release date for you, but will share as soon as I do.


“Go get me a wooden spoon from the kitchen.” He helped her to slide off his lap, giving  a slap to her ass as she walked away.  A wooden spoon?  It didn’t sound very sexy, it sounded more like a kinky version of I Love Lucy.  She padded her way across the ceramic tiles to the drawer she’d found the other utensils.  Feeling his eyes on her, she chanced a look up at him. His lips had thinned in her absence, his hands still rested in his lap, but tension could be seen in his shoulders.  “I don’t like waiting, Erin.”

She went back to her search and found one that appeared to be sturdy enough not to break, but not thick enough to hurt overly much.  Spoon clutched in hand, she headed back over to him.  He’d pushed his chair back from the table and held out his hand.  Placing the spoon in his hand, she stepped back half an inch.  Now that he was armed, she wasn’t as sure about the entire thing.


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