This little snippet is from my WIP, book four of the Windy City Series. I’m half way through edits.  Bradley is about to have some fun with his submissive, Erin. No punishment, just some good old fashion fun…with nipple clamps!



“You said yes to nipple clamps, right?” He held up the two clamps in his hands, letting the connecting chain dangle between them.

Her eyes widened at the sight of the clamps, and he wanted to smile, but he held firm. He stalked to her, but paused when she remained silent. Taking his cue, she nodded. “Yes, Sir. But I’ve never actually tried them before.”

“I know, pet.” He gave a nod and took the last few steps to the bed where she was within reach.  He held the clamps up to show her. She squirmed on the bed, a small fidget, but enough for him to see her nerves. “You may not like them.” He admitted. “If you safeword, I’ll take them off, but only if you safeword. They will be uncomfortable, and you’ll take it because I’m giving it to you. Do you understand, pet?”   The name tingled on his tongue; he couldn’t remember the last time he had the urge to give a submissive a moniker.


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