This little bit is from Book 3 in my Windy City Series. It’s due to come out on July 28th (give or take a day…I’ll keep you posted).  In this scene Alyssa has been told to go to Alex’s room and get into a specific position so they can play.  Alex has just walked in and found her wearing cuffs…that he did not tell her to put on….

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Indebted Heart

The silence made her nervous; she wanted his words, his touches, and the lack of both worried her.  Just as she was about to break her silence he stood in front her, his hands dug into her hair and he pulled her head back to look up at him. The pleasure and joy she expected to see alluded her. Instead firm, frank eyes glared down at her.

“Where did you get the cuffs?” He asked.

“The foot locker in the closet.” She answered him, searching his expression. Anger did not lurk behind his words, but displeasure shone through  his eyes.

“What were your instructions?” He asked, releasing her hair and moving down to his haunches, keeping their eyes locked.

“To come in here, strip, and kneel with my hands behind my back and eyes downcast.” She answered and before she could continue he spoke.

“And in those instructions where did I say to go into the closet and dig out a pair of cuffs?”

“No where- but I-”

“You are trying to control the situation.” His words were given in a soft tone, but the implication was harsh.

“What? No. I was trying to add to it, to give you more of what you wanted.” She qualified, wishing she could have the discussion clothed.

“What I want, what I desire, is your submission, your obedience. If I want your hands cuffed, I’ll give you the instructions or I’ll do it myself.  You wanted your hands bound. You wanted to feel the cuffs on your wrists, bound, and waiting for me.  Those were your desires.”

“Don’t my desires matter?” She asked with an edge that she quickly regretted at the instant raise of his eyebrow.

“Of course they matter. And I will always take your desires into account. When you submit to me, you submit the control over what happens. You trust me to give you want you want, what you need, and push your limits, but you don’t control what happens.”

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