I’m currently working on the first draft of Book 4 in my Windy City Series.  Erin’s story.  Her first punishment.
“Does the idea of me punishing you turn you on?” He licked her taut nipple. “You like the idea of your man taking you to task for being a naughty girl?
“Oh, god.” She gripped the chair tighter as his fingers moved in and out of her, his palm brushing her clit.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” He grinned. “What sort of punishment do you think?”
She winced at that question.  She couldn’t think.  It was one thing to agree to a punishment; it was entirely different to sentence herself to one.
“Whatever you think is right?” Putting the ball back in his court.  
He laughed. “No, that would be too easy.”  
 She tried to ignore his skilled fingers still moving mythodically in and out of her.  “A spanking?” She tried.  She’d never been spanked before. Not as a child, and sure as hell not as an adult.  It looked painful, but she’d also fantasized enough about them to wonder if it would be as erotic as she dreamt.
“A spanking.  Simple punishment. I was hoping to spank you today anyway, but I wanted it to be enjoyable. If I spank you now, you won’t enjoy it. I promise that. I’m not easy and begging me to stop won’t work. I’ll spank you until I’m convinced your sorry. Not when you say you are but when I believe you are.” His fingers disappeared, and she couldn’t help the disappointed sigh.  “You have to agree to that, Erin. I won’t do it without your agreement.” 
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