“Aspire. What do you aspire to?”

“Well, that’s a loaded question.” Victoria Welding shifted in her chair.

“It’s a direct question, to which I would like a direct answer.” His steel blue eyes pierced her from across the table.  This topic came up at least once a month. Goals. Forever with the talk of goals. “You’ve been puttering around this house for six months now. It’s time we put your brain to better use than redesigning every room of the house. Again.”

Chad, her husband of five years, had recently been made partner at his law firm. The man was constantly wanting her to join him in the pursuit of achievement and success.

“I like prattling around the house all day.” She gave him a chilly smile and brought the glass of wine to her lips. Their eyes locked as she sipped at the sweet red blend.

“Come here.” He tossed his napkin over his plate of untouched salmon and shoved his chair back from the table.

She blanched, knowing what that movement usually meant for her backside. “But I didn-”

“I didn’t ask you to question me, I said come. here.” He pointed to the spot on the ground right beside him.

With a little more than a disgruntled look, she made her way around the table. She should have just picked something. Anything would have gotten him off her back. Hell, she could have said she was going to take up knitting.

Once she was within reach, he placed both hands on her hips and guided her to stand where he wanted her.  Her ass pressed against the dinning room table just in front of him.  He took a moment to appreciate her figure.  She may not love her rounded hips and backside, but it was her best feature as far as he was concerned.  Her heavy breasts only second to her ass.

The flowing skirt she wore came up to her mid thigh, giving him a nice view of her long curvy legs. “Put your hands on the table.” He instructed and moved one hand to where h wanted.  “Spread your legs a little.” He ordered as he began to unbutton her light blue blouse.  Although her breasts were large she never wore a bra at home.

With her blouse opened and her hands out of his way, he trailed a line of kisses from her belly up to her breasts. Her nipples already were in hard peaks, awaiting his attention.  “Now.” He flicked one nipple. “About your aspirations.” Another lick.  “I think tonight you will aspire to come.”

“Chad.” The whine in her voice wouldn’t deter him, they both knew it.

“How do you think you’ll achieve this goal?” He asked leaning back in his chair and folding his hands in his lap.


“Victoria, goals are important. And in this instance, not that difficult to achieve, but you must aspire to reach it. So, tell me, how will you reach your goal of an coming tonight?”

Her breath came out in a huff, blowing through his cropped hair. “I’ll ask you if I can come.” She threw out at him with a flat tone.

“Okay, you can come. Permission granted. Now. What?” He quirked and eyebrow up at her.

“I’ll rub myself.” She started to move her hand but he slapped it away.

“I said you could come, I didn’t say you could touch yourself. Now, tell me again, how will you come?”

“I suppose I need your help?” She sighed, finally starting to see his plan.

“Yes, I suppose so.” With one hand he gripped the hem of her pleated skirt and lifted it up, giving himself a peak at her pussy.  Neatly trimmed, and already wet for him. He leaned in and took a deep breath. “Fuck, baby you smell delicious.”

Without another word he pressed his mouth to her slit and licked the length of her, over and over again, never spending much time at her clit.  She took a raggid breath. “Chad. Oh, damn.”

“You taste damn good, too.”  He continued to hold up her skirt, enjoying the little blush that crept over her cheeks. “Now, how do you think you’ll obtain your goal of coming?”

“Will you please lick me again?” She asked in her sweet voice, so close to that submissive plane he wanted her at.

“I will if you’ll ask properly.”

Her lips pinched together briefly before she gave in. “Sir, will  you please lick my pussy again?”

“Spread your legs for me. More. There you go. Now hold up this skirt for  me.”  He waited until she held the hem in both hands, then moved in.

He swirled his tongue around and around her clit before taking a long lick and suckling gently on her lips.  When she began to moan loader, he used his thumbs to pull her lips apart and continued his slow torment on her clit directly. “OH fuck.” her breath came faster, her legs trembled on either side of him.

Just when she was about to lose all control he pulled back, smiling up at her while wiping the back of his hand over his lips.

“Noooo.” She whined. “Sir! Please.” Her plea did not fall on deaf ears, but he wasn’t done with his point.

“Put one foot on my chair here, there you go.  Now your pussy is open for me. I can see how wet you are, smell how much you want me to lick you and fuck you with my tongue and make you scream out in orgasm.”

Her eyes rolled and she bit at her lower lip. “Please. Fuck, Please.”

“Now your goal has changed.” He smiled. “Now your goal is to get me to put my tongue back on your pussy.”

“Yes, Please SIr, Please lick my pussy, suck on my clit. Please sir make me come, please.” She begged with a nodding head.  Her eyes fully dilated and her lips swollen from her teeth scraping over them.

“If I make you come, you’ll need to have another goal, because you will have reached this one. What will that one be?”

“To make you come, Sir?” her answer came quick.

He smiled in response. “Oh, that’s not your goal, that’s your duty as my wife and my submissive. You’ll suck my cock hard after this is done and you’ll swallow every drop of my come.  No, you’ll need a real goal. Something to work toward. You can’t reach this goal until you have the next lined up.”

Her disgruntled pout was back, but he could see her mentally running through a list. “Fine. I’ll sign up for class at the community college.”

His finger toyed with her clit, slowly rolling it around and around. “Which class?”

“I’ll sign up for the anatomy class I need to start working on my nursing degree.” She made a face that suggested she didn’t want to, but he knew her well enough to know nursing had been a goal of hers at one point. When they married, she fell off track with her studies and decided trailing along in his shadow would be good enough for her. But he knew her better than she did. She craved something more than decorating the house and cooking his dinner. She only needed a little push to get her back on track.

“I like that one.” He leaned over, pulling her pussy lips far apart, almost painfully so and took her clit between his teeth. “Come, pet, come for me.” He thrust three fingers into her hot, slippery passage and flicked her clit several times hard with his tongue. It was all that was needed for her to come undone beneath him.

He couldn’t help but grin with satisfaction when her core tightened, and she screamed out her release.  Chanting several curse words that were definitely not allowed, her voice came strained from the volume.

He pulled his fingers out, licking her juices from them, he took the hem of her skirt from her fingers and placed her skirt back down. Smoothing out the material, he placed a soft kiss to her belly.  “I love your tits. Leave them out tonight. Just like this.” He directed and stood from his chair.

“Do I really have to go back to school?” She asked, putting her foot back on the ground and standing up from the table.

“Of course you do.” He kissed her cheek. “Don’t you want to? Isn’t that why you picked that?”

She thought about it for a minute then nodded. “I have been missing something. I mean i love being your wife, and being here when you come home, but I missed the importance of helping other people. I only had a year left in the nursing program.”

“Then you should finish it.” He nodded.

“How do you always know?”

“Know what?” He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers, letting his cock bounce free. She slid to her knees without any prompting from him.

“You always know what I want and need before I do.”

“Right now, I think you have a good idea of what I need.” He touched her head and closed his eyes as her lips wrapped around his steel hard cock.


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