Secured Heart is the second book in my Windy City Series.  Kelly and Kendrick meet under a stressful situation. Kelly has not made the best choice of dates, and Kendrick ends up needed to rescue her.   After their initial meeting, she wants him to show her around a Dungeon, to give her a safer tour than her original date, but Kendrick sees her as a vanilla woman better kept on the outside of his world.  Silly man thought that would keep her away….


A soft slap of his hand jolted the woman’s attention. The next slap was harder; her backside rippled from the impact.

Kelly heard the woman’s gentle moan and watched as the man finished spanking the woman and readied the strap.

The thunderous clap from the first strike made Kelly jump. The woman only grunted. Two more strikes of the strap resounded through the small room.

The man ran his fingertips over the reddening area of the woman’s backside, while he whispered into her ear. Kelly wanted to know what he was saying to her.

She caught a glimpse of the woman turning her head to receive a kiss from her partner. Kelly guessed the words he’d whispered were full of passion.

She stepped a little closer to the couple, further immersing herself in the small crowd. A body pressed up against her from behind.

She tried to move away from it, to allow the onlooker more space, but she stilled when a hot breath ran over her ear and a deep voice said, “Enjoying the show, Kelly?”


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