Seven days ago, I fucked my next door neighbor. Now, no one will talk to me.

You’d think a community that based itself on open-mindedness when it came to sexual appetites wouldn’t cave under the pressure of something new, something even they with their alternative life styles categorized as weird.

I moved into Catacomb Valley a year ago due to the very fact that they advertised in the kink  magazines I subscribed to.  Since moving into the small ranch on the dead-end street near the border of our little community, I’ve gotten to know almost everyone in town. Even bottomed for a few of the Tops now and then at the dungeon parties held once a month in the rec center.

I had held out hope of finding my one true Dominant when I moved in. You know, the guy who would rock my world, kept me tied up, whip me silly, and fuck me until my brains turned to mush.

No, I’ve never had a full-time  Dominant before- why do you ask?

After many play sessions and a few dozen failed dates, I figured the D/s life I was looking for must be a myth. That’s until Braydon showed up. At first he mostly just stared at me through the window of his one story ranch.

I won’t lie and say our meeting wasn’t a little freaky. I mean how else do you describe walking into your bedroom to find a man standing on your bed, fully clothed, holding a flogger in one hand? I mean, a little freaky right? Why didn’t he take his clothes off?

“You were out late.” He said in a flat tone. Like I should have been home an hour earlier. It was barely ten o’clock.  My shift at the diner just finished twenty minutes earlier.

“Not really.” I dropped my purse onto my dresser and pulled the rubber band out of my hair, letting my red curls free from the restraint.  It pulled out a few strands of my hair, but I didn’t care.

“I watch you from the window.” He admitted, still standing on my bed and made no move to get down.

“I know. I see you sometimes.” I untied the maroon apron from behind me and pulled it over my head. Best part of the day, taking off that damn uniform.

“I want to flog you. You have a nice ass for it.” He licked his lips. His chestnut eyes wandered over my body as I unbuttoned my dress and slipped it off.

“Thanks.” I unhooked my bra in the back, and slid it down my arms until my breasts were freed from the suffocation of the cups. His eyes went to my tits and he smiled.

“You have the tits for it too.”

“I know.” Men loved flogging my breasts, making them jump from side to side as they took a beating turned them on.

“Turn around and put your hands on the wall.” He pointed with the flogger to the wall behind me.

Being in an acomodating mood, I did as he instructed. Although he was still dressed in his washed out jeans and t-shirt with a large stain on his stomach, I could tell his body was hard and lean underneath.

The first strike of the flogger came as a surprise. I hadn’t heard the bed creak when he stepped off.  The second strike hit higher on my ass, making me wiggle a bit.  The third and fourth were aimed for my thighs.  Each leaving behind a familiar burn that ignited a fire in more places than just my ass.

I wiggled myself at him, hoping he’d catch the hint. the flogger landed again and again, higher then lower, softer then harder. THe man knew exactly what he was doing.  Just when I thought I couldn’t take another lash, he eased up and moved to a new area.

My breathing deepened, I gulped for air, and rested my head against the wall.  Letting the coolness of it seep into my forehead.  I heard the flogger drop, and instantly felt his fingers on me, in me, thrusting hard into my wet channel.  Arching my back, I pushed my ass out toward him. Just the light brushing of my ass across his shirt made the fire blaze hotter, but I didn’t care.

As close as his fingers were  bringing me to my first man induced orgasm in months, I wanted his cock.  He must have read minds, because no sooner as I thought it, was his dick inside of me. He grunted a little, and gripped my hips hard.

He plowed into me, not caring that my backside was still raw from the expertise flogging he gave me- but truth be told, I didn’t care either. The harder he thrust, the harder I pushed back at him. He sunk into my up to his balls, and I slapped the flat of my hand on the wall. “More. More.” I gasped for air as he continued to fuck me harder than any other man ever had the courage to do before.

His hand snaked around me, feeling for my clit. One touch and I was writing beneath him. Feeling as though the world would surely collapse into itself if I didn’t come, I begged him to let me.  “Come for me, slut girl.” He growled into my ear with a dark, strained voice.

A pinch, then a flick and my orgasm wouldn’t be held back any longer.  I screamed with each wave of extacy and begged him never to stop. His fingers dug into my hips as he fucked me even harder. One thrust, two thrusts, then he himself bellowed out his release.

Laughing softly after the quiet of the room unsettled me I reached behind me to touch him. I hadn’t touched him yet, but he wasn’t there. He’d already pulled away.  Turning to face him, I saw the flogger puddled on the floor and my window open. The curtains blowing with evening wind.   “Fucker.” I sighed and went about closing the window and getting in the shower. He could have at least said goodbye.

The next morning I stood outside on my porch with a cup of coffee, enjoying the spring breeze and warm sun.  Connie and Jax from a few doors down were on their morning walk, but stopped to say hi.

“Jane, are you okay?” Connie asked, stepping up on my porch.  She looked at me with a furrowed brow and lifted my skirt a bit.  Dark red and purple blotches covered my thighs and ass from Braydon’s flogging.  “Who did this? This looks bad.” She turned to her husband who inspected the welts, too.

“Whoever did it, didn’t take care of these afterwards.  I’ll go get my cream. I didn’t see you at the dungeon last night.  Did you have a date with someone outside of town?” He asked me, looking at me all Dom like.  The look I only dreamed of.

“No. Braydon came over to play last night.  It was a hard flogging, but I managed to get through okay.  And he rewarded me plenty.” I gave a wink and pointed toward the neighboring house that belonged to Braydon.

Only the windows had been boarded up, and the front porch looked to be in complete disrepair. Even the numbers on the front of the house hung lifelessly from their hooks.

“Braydon?” Connie looked to the worn down house and then to Jax. “Jane. Braydon was killed in that house almost two years ago.  He ignored his subs safe word, flogged her black and blue.  When he was done, he tried to rape her. She managed to get his pocket knife off the dresser and stabbed him in the stomach. He bled out right in the bedroom.”

“That can’t be. We had sex just last night. Like really hot, rough sex.” I looked at the two of them, then back over to the run down house.

“Let me get the cream.” Jax pulled his wife with him and they jogged back to their house.

It’s been seven days, and no one will talk to the woman who fucked the ghost.


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