“Where is that passage!” I flipped through book after book looking for the right earmarked scene. The right words to get my libido soaring.   “Ha! Here it is!” I pushed aside a few books on my bed, clearing a spot for me to lay down.

Opening to earmarked page I began reading.

“Come for me, babe. Come like this, taking the cane for me like such a good girl.”  He pushed the heel of his palm against her clit, rubbing her harder as he increased the speed of his thrusts.  The cane lightly bounced off of her now red striped ass. Her breath hitched and she clenched her eyes shut as he pulled the cane back and delivered another stinging blow, and with it her orgasm exploded. 

I read the passage over and over again, imagining the firm voice in my mind telling me to do the same. To come over my masters hand.  My own fingers had slid down my body, first pulling my tank top down to free my breasts, then sliding over my belly until I reached my aching clit.  Pinching the swollen nub, I began rolling it around my fingers, bringing a sharp pain before letting the warmth of it roll over me.

“What’s this?” I heard a voice from the bedroom door and I froze. Fuck.

“Uh.” I didn’t dare move, didn’t look behind me to see him.  He was supposed to be at work for another two hours.

“Don’t stop on my account.” He shut the door behind him softly and moved to the arm chair beside the bed. “Susan, continue playing with that little cunt of yours for me.” He ordered when I laid frozen on the bed.

“Yes, Sir.” I nodded and continued with my play. Reaching bside me I grabbed my hitachi. Turning it on the low setting I teased my clit, only barely brushing it against it and letting my hips reach up for it. I knew how much he liked watch me tease myself, so I continued.  My second hand went up to my nipples, pinching and pulling them as I began to grind my clit into the vibrating head of the Hitachi.  I glanced over at him, and saw his thick cock in hs hand. His eyes were on my pussy while he stroked his dick.

I licked my lips, wanting a taste, but knowing he wouldn’t let me.  I was his entertainment at that moment, he wouldn’t participate. “Faster, Susan. Fuck yourself faster, and harder.” He ordered.

I began writhing beneath the vibrator, feeling the pressure building inside of me and wanted desperately for it to explode.  He reached over and snatched up the book I had been reading and began to read the passage out loud to me. Better than porn, his voice reading a sex scene.

“Come for me, Susan. Come for me just like this, fucking your vibrator for me.  Be my good girl and come for me.” He ordered and tossed the book back onto the bed.

“Oh, god yes!” I spread my legs wider, pushing up at the vibrator. My fingers pinched my nipples harder, digging my nails into my skin as I threw myself over the cliff of ecstasy and let myself float away with my orgasm. Strong waves hit me. I cried out, unable to hold in my pleasure of such a fucking hard orgasm.

I opened my eyes, slowing down the strokes of the vibrator on my pussy to find his cock only a scant inch away from my mouth. “Open.” He ordered, and I did, sliding my tongue out as well.

His hand pumped harder, faster. I couldn’t see his face, but heard his grunts and knew he was close.  Just as I was bout to reach up with my tongue to taste him, hot streams of his come began to shoot out into my mouth, across my cheek, and over my chin.  He growled his orgasm, and stroked himself hard until the last drop of his come slid out onto my tongue.  I held it there, knowing better than to swallow before he gave permission.

“Go ahead, Susan. Lick yourself clean.” He pulled back from me and watched as I swallowed and wiped my chin with my fingers and brought them to my mouth the clean them off. When I had wiped off all of his come and licked it all off he leaned over and kissed my forehead. “Such a good girl you are.” He whispered. “I came home early to surprise you, I’m taking you to a nice restaurant for dinner.  Go shower and get all pretty for me, but forget panties. You wont’ need those tonight.”  With that he left our bedroom.

I looked around at the pile of erotica on my bed and sighed. The heroes in those books didn’t hold a candle to my Master. But they would do in a pinch.



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