I’ve taken my novella Hidden Heart and expanded it to a full length novel.  Below is an excerpt from one of the added scenes.    The full length version of Hidden Heart will be released this spring!


“I don’t need you to pay my bills.” She dragged her eyes to his face, concentrating on his eyes. But the narrowing of his lids and the slight tilt to his head only made her stomach flutter more.

“Is that what has you in a snit?” His voice dropped, indicating to her that he wasn’t pleased at the moment, and there was a very good chance the evenings plans would be changing.  “I wanted to. It had nothing to do with you needing me to, it had everything to do with my desire to take care of you.” He took another step closer. “If I want to pay for your dinner. I will. If I want to buy you a new dress for you to wear for me, I will. If I want to buy a new toy to use on you, I will. And each time I do these things for you- for me- your response- the only correct response-“ Another step. She swallowed hard. “Is to say Thank You.”

He looked- dominant.  She waited for the embarrassment and resentment to fill her. Nothing came. Instead, a sense of chastisement warmed her cheeks. He’d simply done something nice, because he’d wanted to, and she’d been less than appreciative.

Uncomfortable with the new sensation, she shifted from foot to foot. He continued to watch her with a willingness to wait for her to work it all out in her mind.  He hadn’t been taking over her personal life, he’d been generous. It was a new concept for her. A man giving without alternative motives. She’d let him down. She’d been a spoiled brat, and that was new for her, too.

“I-I’m sorry.” She said, moving her gaze from his to his bare chest. “I’m- I’ve never had-” She shut her mouth and looked him in the eyes, straightening her shoulders and thrusting out her chin, she gave a curt nod. “Thank you for dinner.”

A slight upturn of his lips. “You’re welcome.”  Silence lingered. “Would you like to do this over? Your entrance?”  She noted the levity in his tone, and felt a little lighter for it.

“I wasn’t very gracious.” She breathed out.  The sense of guilt sat in her chest.

“No, you weren’t.” he said slowly. “What are you thinking?”

She did not want to answer that question. Wishing she’d just gotten into position when she’d arrived, she shuffled her feet again. He would wait her out. “I don’t like feeling like this. Like-“she really did not want to put her thoughts into words. Words that would be said out loud. Words he would hear.

“Like what?”

“Like…a naughty child.” She clamped her eyes shut after blurting it out. “I don’t like it when you look at me with those eyes…looking all disapproving.” Where should she put her hands? She suddenly was very aware that her hands were swinging at her side, and she wanted to shove them into pockets, but she’d worn leggings.

“Hmm.”  He sounded pleased with her reaction to the situation.  “You prefer it when I’m pleased with you. When I can call you my good girl.” He wasn’t clarifying at all, he was helping her put words to her feelings. The damn mind reading again. “Would a spanking help?”

Her gaze shot up to his, and a fresh heat crept up her face. Is that what she was asking for? Did she need his punishment to clear this all up? “Do you want to spank me?” She asked instead.

“I always want to spank you,” He grinned. “Turn around and face the door. Pull your pants and panties down to just below your ass.” His hand went to the buckle of his belt, and the twisting in her stomach began.  So did the swelling of her clit.

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