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W is for Willing Witness

The coffee shop bustled with the morning crowd of commuters rushing in to grab their caffeine fix on their way to work.  Orders were called out along a string of baristas scrambling behind the counter to brew espresso, steam milk, or other odd jobs.  Janet Underwood stood among a small group of people awaiting their drinks.

“Hey!” A familiar voice called out from behind her.  She turned to see Rhonda walking toward her with wallet in one hand and keys in the other, her grin suggested she was only mildly happy to see her. “I was beginning to think you disappeared!” She forced a larger smile as she moved through the crowd. “Cindy, Cindy!” She called to the woman behind the register. “My usual!”  The busy woman paused with a credit card aimed at the swiper to look up in confusion.

Janet shook her head and scooted over to make room for Rhonda to stand beside her. “Hi.” She gave a curt smile.  Two months had passed since she’d seen Rhonda, or heard from her.  Janet was a bit apprehensive about cutting out Rhonda and Jane from her circle while she gave a real try at a relationship with Brent, but after not hearing from either of them she realized the friendship had been more one sided than she had known.

Brent hadn’t asked her cut the two loose, but he made it clear he worried they wouldn’t make it easy for her to embrace her submissive side. Janet couldn’t disagree, she’d heard the horrible things they’d said about Dominant and submissive relationships. It was better to separate from them until she was more firmly set on her feet.

“Where have you been?  I havent’ seen you at the book club in two months.” Rhonda scanned the crowd with as much judgement in her gaze as ever.

“I’ve- uh- been seeing someone.” Janet said.

“Oh? Who?” Rhonda turned her eyes on her, looking her over. “You look different. Have you put on weight?”

In fact, she had.  Janet had gained at least ten pounds under the ever watchful eye of Brent.  He’d explained that she needed to be at a healthy weight, and he would determined what that was.  He determined ten pounds was a good starting point.  Although she needed to buy a few new pairs of shorts to fit her rounder backside, she agreed with him that she looked healthier. Her doctor had even agreed when she went for check up the week before. Dr. Hahn had been very pleased with her new physique.

“A little.” Janet answered and moved out of the way for a fellow coffee drinker to get through the crowd with his coffee unspilled.

“Oh.” Rhonda turned to the cashier again and waved her hand in the air.  “Cindy, don’t forget!”

“Hey, Janet!” Tess’s voice called from the entrance way.  “Are you coming or what?”

Janet watched Rhonda’s expression morph from interest to shock as she noticed Tess waving from the front door. “Isn’t that the little subbie slut we saw that night?” She asked,not bothering to lower her voice. Janet could see in Tess’s expression that she heard every word.

“No, that’s Tess,  a friend.” Janet responded with more heat than she’d ever used before with Rhonda.

“Friend?” Rhonda’s mouth gaped again and she looked from one woman to the other. “Really. Huh. How’d that happen?”

“My boyfriend is friends with hers.” Janet explained calmly while waving to Tess, and hoping she didn’t come over.  Tess wouldn’t be able to control herself if she got into with Rhonda, and Janet wasn’t in the mood to referee.

“Ah. Ha!” Rhonda’s eyes lit up with merriment. “So you’re a little sub slut too, now?”

“Sugar Free Caramel Frap and Mocha!” Janet heard her drinks called and could not have been more thrilled.

“That’s mine.” She grumbled and  pushed through the crowd to retrieve her morning pic-me-up. Although, the conversation with Rhonda was doing just a fine at getting her heart pumping.

“So, tell me, did your Dom give you permission to get coffee?  Is he the one fattening you up, too?  Has a fat fetish?” Rhonda’s sneer gave Janet an electric shock of anger.


“She has a boyfriend, a very fucking hot boyfriend. He adores her and worships her. What do you have? Your pretty nails and super glued hair do?” Tess interrupted, taking her Mocha out of Janet’s hand. “Don’t listen to this little bitch. She’s just jealous, cause she’ll never have half of what we do.” She snaked her arm through Janet’s and pulled her toward the door.

“Whatever, little subbies. Run home, I’m sure your Dom’s need to re-cage you. Seriously, how deranged are you, Janet?”

Janet stood at the door staring back into the coffee house. Rhonda had turned away from her, barking at the register girl again for her drink.  She’d once called that woman her friend. Had confided in her, and looked to her for guidance more than once.

“Don’t let her get to you. She’s horrible.” Janet whispered as she pulled Janet out of the coffee house.  Once outside, the summer sun blared down at them.

“I know.” Janet let out a sigh. “You know, I doubt Ian would be happy about that little exchange.” She grinned at her new friend.  Tess had been the single greatest resource to her over the past few months, other than Brent.  As wonderful of a Dominant Brent was, there were some things he couldn’t answer for her, and he’d sent her straight to Tess for help.  Tess had always made time for her, and never made her feel silly when she wasn’t sure what to do in a situation or how to handle something. At first, Janet had worried Brent didn’t want to be bothered with any more questions or concerns, but she learned quickly enough that it was good to have another submissive to talk to. Tess had assured her that Doms talk to other Doms, too.

“Yeah, we aren’t going to tell him about that.” Tess said firmly.

“Okay.” Janet grinned. “If you don’t tell Brent that I skipped yoga today. I can’t stand that instructor.” She laughed.

“Wow. I really am a bad influence on you.” Tess mocked a serious look. “Okay, this one time we’ll do this. But never again. They’d both be pissed beyond reason if they thought we conspired to defy them”

“You’re right.” Janet nodded and sipped her coffee. “God damn, this is good.” She groaned as they began walking down the street.

“What’s that guy doing?” Tess nudged Janet as they walked past a red corvette and a man at the dirvers side slipping a rod into the door frame.

“He’s breaking into it!” Janet whispered and grabbed Tess’s arm.

“Shit. What do we do?” Tess asked as they slowed their pace and tried to look casual.

Janet let out laugh and shook her head. “Nothing. That’s Rhonda’s car. Let him have it.”

Tess stopped and looked from Janet to the corvette, clearly thinking it over. “Just let him take it?” She asked. The man had popped the lock and was inside the car working the wires. “I don’t know.. I mean..”

“You said yourself, she’s bitch.” Janet shrugged as the corvette came alive. Tess still looked conflicted as the man pulled out of the parking spot and peeled off.

“That’s my car!!” Rhonda’s screech carried from the front of the coffee house. “That’s my fucking car!!!” She screamed again.  Janet and Tess watched the color drain from her face as her gaze met thiers. “You let him steal my fucking car!” She pointed at them.

Janet sat on the couch in Tess’s livingroom with her hands tucked under  her legs and her lips clenched between her teeth.  Tess had much the same look across the room in the armchair. Their men were in the kitchen, and had been for almost an hour.

“What are they doing?” Janet asked with irritation. “I can’t sit here like this. Its’ nerve racking.”

“I know, that’s the point.” Tess nodded in agreement. “I think they were on the phone talking with Charlie at the station.  He’s a friend of Ian’s.”

“The cute one with the dimples?” Janet clarified. Five police officers had taken their statements of what they had seen. Rhonda kept insisting Janet and Tess had helped the man. Each officer tried to trip up their story, but since they had been telling the truth, they hadn’t been able to rattle the women.

“Yeah, that one. The narc.” Tess hissed.  Charlie had been the officer to call Ian and inform him of his fiance’s where abouts.  He, however, hadn’t bothered to inform Tess or Janet of the phone call.  When both men stormed into the police station wearing scowls dark enough to scare a serial killer, the women had groaned and looked to each other for support.

It might not have been too terrible, except as they were walking out of the station Rhonda had come out of the room  she’d been giving her statement in and spotted the foursome. “Good boys! Take them home and beat them raw! They got my car stolen!”  Tess, completely forgetting where she was and who she was with, turned around and lunged for the woman.  Luckily, Ian had caught her mid jump and managed to get her out of the station before more drama could take place.

“I just wanted coffee.” Janet whispered.

“Girls.” Brent and Ian walked into the living room together. Brent walked to Janet and sat beside her on the couch, to her right which relieved her.  He would need to be on her left if he were going to haul her over his lap for a spanking.  Ian stood beside Tess with his hands in his pockets.  The sight of them both still made Janet’s heart quicken. The Greek Gods would have a run for their money with those too in a sexiest of the year competition.

“Now, who would like to go first?” Ian asked the room.

“We already told the police what happened.” Tess answered, looking up at her fiance with pleading eyes.

“Yes. And Charlie was nice enough to read your statements to us.” Ian nodded, clearly unmoved with her expression.

“Then why-”

“To catch us in a lie.” Tess answered, not looking at anyone in particular.

“We didn’t lie.” Janet said firmly.

“So you actually yelled at the guy to ‘wait…stop..that’s my friends car..no…don’t’?” Brent asked as he laid his large hand on her knee. Not a  good sign.


“No, we didn’t.” Tess caved. She always caved. Janet screwed up her face and glared at her. “They already know. Besides, Janet. We should have done something.” Tess looked guilt ridden, and Janet felt her heart sink. Tess was right. They may have gone a little too far. She had gone too far.

“Spill.” Brent gave Janet’s knee a gentle squeeze.

She took a deep breath. “Okay. We did see the guy. He had that stick thingy in the door. Tess and I watched. I watched. I told tess not to do anything. To let him have the car. I knew it was Rhonda’s. We did not help him, but we did nothing to stop him.” The disappointment in Brent’s expression darkened her mood. She changed tactics. “But wouldn’t it have been dangerous to do something? Couldn’t he have hurt us?” She asked, looking from Ian to Brent.

“Did you have our cell on you?” Brent asked with a dangerously low voice.

“Well, yes.” She nodded, afraid to look at him again.

“So you could have called the police instead of just watching?”

“I suppose-”

“And why were you there anyway?  You were supposed to be at yoga. You told me this morning when you left, that you were going to yoga.” His grip tightened as he spoke.

“Oh.” Janet had forgotten that particular little lie.

“And what about you?” Ian asked his fiance who looked positively sick. Her face had blanched and she was wringing her hands. “According to Rhonda’s report you verbally accosted her in the coffee house. Called her a bitch?”

“She is a bitch.” Janet muttered and winced at the squeeze of Brent’s fingers on her knee.

“Well?” Ian asked again.

“I’m sorry. She said some horrible things to Janet, and I lost my temper. But we did not help that guy steal her car.”

“That I believe.” Ian conceded. “And thankfully, so do the police.  Rhonda showed enough of her true colors while she filed her report that they were certain you two were telling the truth.”

“Good.” Janet breathed out. “That’s a relief.” She gave a shy smile in Brent’s direction, who lazily shook his head.

“Not much of one, I think.” Brent responded. “See, the two of you first disobeyed your

rules in the coffee shop. Then you both just stood by while her car got stolen. No, I don’t expect you to jump in and save the day, that guy could have been deranged. But you could have called the police, walked back into the coffee house, or hell- walked away, but you stood and watched. You chose to allow her car to be stolen.” Brent’s lecture didn’t fall on deaf ears. Both women heard him, and fully understood what he was saying.

“You’re right.” Janet whispered, and went back to gnawing on her lower lip.

“We talked and have decided that since you committed the crime together, you’ll be taking the punishment together.  Tess, strip down and head to the basement. I want you to stand next to the bench.”

“Janet, you’ll do the same, except I want you to go into your purse first and retrieve the plug.”  Her face lit up in a heat so fast she was sure flames would shoot out of her nostrils. “No dispute. Now.” He stood from the couch and helped her to stand.

The women complied with their dictates and made their way down to the basement.  Janet had never been to their basement, but Tess had described it enough to have a good feel for what was in store for them.  When the reached the bench the each stood at either side staring at eachother.

“I’m sorry, Tess.” Janet whispered, gripping the black silicone plug in her right hand.

“It’s not your fault.” Tess answered. “Sometimes I think we are as bad as Ethel and Lucy. Except we don’t get to clear everything up in 30 minutes, and there’s no television censors to keep our panties up and her asses safe.”

Janet couldn’t help but chuckle at the image of Ethel being bent over the spanking bench they stood in front of and Fred Mertz shoving a plug into her ass.  “Do you play down here a lot?” She looked around at the few pieces of equipment with envy.  Brent didn’t have any equipment, but rather liked tying her to bed posts, diningroom tables, and even the coffee table when the mood struck him.

“Not as much as we’d like.” Tess answered, her hands fidgeting. The women had seen each other nude before as both Brent and Ian liked to play publically at the clubs in the city.  Ian was finishing up some of his business deals to get his own club going in town, but they were a long way off from breaking ground. Regardless of that fact, standing naked with a friend while waiting for your punishment was still a bit awkward.

The sound of bootsteps on the stairs gave them a start. “Tess, up over the bench.” Ian directed as he walked past her to the cabinet in the corner of the room.

Tess gave Janet a wary glance as she moved herself into position. Her legs spread onto the pads for her knees and her ass high up in the air. Janet could see a few thin marks on her ass from a caning she’d received a few days ago.  Tess had described it as heaven, but the red welts made it look like hell

“Janet, stand in front of tess and hold her hands.” Brent instructed. She stiffened at the dictate. She was going to hold her friend down while she was spanked??  “Now, Janet.” Brent pointed.  A quick glance at Ian told her he was completely in agreement with Brent, and she should get moving.

Once she was standing in front of Tess, she held up the plug wondering what to do with it. “Oh, thank you.” Brent was at her side in two strides. “Almost forgot.” He plucked the plug from her palm and held it to her mouth. “Open.” He ordered and with only a slight hesitation she obeyed. The smooth silicone slid onto her tongue and she clamped her mouth down on the narrow end. “Good. Don’t drop it. That’s going in your ass as soon as Ian is done with this bench.” He tapped the end of it and grinned.

Janet didnt’ glance down at Tess, not wanting her to see the ridiculous way she must look with the horrible device in her mouth.   Ian made his way back to them carrying a large wooden paddle and a thick black leather strap.  She knew Tess hated both implements, and her heart went out to her friend. ‘Hold her hands.” Brent gave Janet a quick swat to her bare backside.

Tess held out her hands, but kept her head resting on the bench, her eyes cast off to the side. Janet could feel the tension in her friend’s muscles and gave her a gentle squeeze for support.

“Janet, I know you’ve never seen a punishment spanking with us before so this might be a bit much for you.  Understand that what I’m about to give her is not the worst punishment she’s ever had, but will definitely leave an impression.”

Janet nodded mutely, her face hot and tears building in her eyes. This was all her fault! She should have ignored Rhonda. She should have listened to Tess. She should have gone to fucking yoga!  And now her friend, who had done nothing but be kind to her, was going to have that horrible strap applied to her bare ass.

She felt Brent’s body behind her, brushing up against her naked skin and took a settling breath. He wouldn’t let anything bad happen. She was safe. How odd to think that when she was next on the spanking block.

The first strike of the paddle landed, and Tess lurched forward on the bench from the impact, but only let a small grunt loose.  The second and third strike were delivered with no pause between, and she gripped Janet’s hands harder.  “This is the second punishment you’ve received because you can’t keep your lips shut around that woman.” He said, rubbing the paddle over her ass.  “Let’s be sure its the last.” he pulled his arm back and launched an attack on her ass that made Janet close her eyes from witnessing.  Tess cried out from the blows, she gripped Janet’s hands, and Janet felt the force of each impact as the bench swayed beneath it.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Tess yelled out as Ian dropped the paddle onto the chair beside him.

“I’m sure you are, honey. But that doesn’t change what you have coming.  Ten with the strap.  The next time you witness something like that happening I don’t think you’ll be so open to just standing there.”

“Ten?” Tess groaned. Janet chanced a glance down and saw tears glistening on her cheeks. This was horrible. Watching her friend be punished. Hearing the echo of the paddle as it hit her ass, the cries of pain she let out, it was all playing with her head. She was next. What if she couldn’t take it so well? Brent had given her plenty of spankings, and she’d earned more than a few punishments while she learned the ropes of her new relationship, but he was never as harsh as Ian was being with Tess.

“It’s okay, babe. This isn’t that bad for her.” Brent whispered in her ear, knowing her expressions too well for her own good. “I know it’s hard to watch, but you need to see what happens when you both act out like this.” His words soothed her panic, but did little to eliminate her fears.  She only nodded in response, the plug keeping her silent.

“And you’ll count. Understood?” Ian added. Tess nodded in response which earned her a quick slap of Ian’s hand.

“Yes!”  Tess called out.

The strap looked wicked, and sounded just as bad as it made contact with Tess’s bare ass. “ONE!” She managed to call out. Each stroke of the strap seemed to get harder for Tess to bare. Each number became strangled in her throat.

By the time the tenth strike was delivered both women were crying.  Tess rested her head down on the bench. Her body rising and falling with her deep breaths. Ian soothed her by rubbing her back, but did not touch her backside. “You did good, my girl.” he whispered.

“We’ll give her a few minutes before we switch.” Brent whispered to Janet, who let go of Tess’s hands as if they were on fire. She turned to Brent and shook her head fervently. “What?” His eyes darkened. She knew she had to look ridiculous with her mouth plugged but she wasn’t sure what to do.  “Are you telling me no? Are you trying to tell me that you aren’t going to accept your punishment?”

Janet felt Tess’s hands on her hip, stroking her. She knew she was trying to get her attention,but Janet shoved her hand away.

“Are you telling me you’re second guessing our relationship, or just me?” His eyes glared at her.  Second guessing him was a huge no-no, but she couldn’t bear the thought of that strap on her.  She wouldn’t be able to tolerate it, especially with the plug in her ass. She was going to die of mortification.  He reached out and yanked the plug from her mouth. “Tell me.”

“Brent, I can’t. That’s too much. I can’t handle that. I’m sorry I did what I did. really. I am.-”

“Did I say you’d be getting what Tess got?” His voice lowered.

“Well no but-”

“But you assumed. Do you not trust me?” the question was asked in tight voice and she wanted to hug him, to kiss away his anger- but there was no kissing for naughty girls. he’d made that clear enough over the past two months.

“Of course I trust you.” She breathed out.  She could feel Ian’s eyes on her, Tess’s hand on her leg again.

He pushed the plug back between her lips before she was ready and tapped the end of it. “Then you’ll have to trust that I won’t give more than you can handle, but more than you want. After Tess finishes cleaning off the bench, you’ll drape yourself over it and present that ass of yours for a plugging and belting.” Without another word he walked away from her and went to the cabinet.

Tess didn’t speak, but gave her a sympathetic look as she slid from the bench and began the cleanup process. Ian was standing by, ready to kiss his girl once she was done. Janet could see the lust in his eyes, and the tent in his pants.   Tess was going to be just fine, but could Janet manage to get through her punishment with as much grace and not get herself into any more trouble?

Seeing Brent unbuckle his belt and pull the thick leather from his jeans gave her strong doubts.

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