V is for Virtuous Vaine

Brent Vaine sat in the foreign livingroom only half watching the television show playing quietly in the background.  He’d put Janet to bed over two hours ago, and she hadn’t made a peep since he’d ordered her to bed.  The protests she gave on the drive her house became weaker and more far fetched the closer he got to her house, and by the time he stood in her living room she’d finally given up trying to get him to dump her off and leave.

“But I dont even know you.” She’d pointed out for the fifth time.

“Okay, fine. I’ll take you to the ER.” He’d opened the front door and motioned for her get moving.

She’d let out an unladylike breath and threw her purse across the room where it landed on an armchair. “Okay.” Her shoulders had slumped in defeat.  He couldn’t explain what made him feel such an overbearing protective force toward her, but there it was all the same.

“Now, lay down. I know you’re exhausted, I can see it. Take a nap and when you wake up, we can talk.”  Her eyes had grown large at his words, and he had quickly put her at ease. “I’m going to stay out here. You are going to go into your bedroom and lay down. If I hear you up and about anytime in the next hour, I won’t be pleased.” He’d brushed her chocolate brown hair off of her shoulders.

Pretty didn’t begin to cover the beauty he found in her eyes, brown like her hair. Soft and gentle just as the rest of her features.  She looked so damn innocent. Hell, she was innocent, and all he had thought about on the drive over was getting her pants down and her ass over his lap. If her ass was as milky white as the rest of her complexion he could imagine how just a few swats of his hand would make her cheeks blush.

“Okay. You’ll stay out here?” She asked cautiously.

“I promise.” he held up three fingers in a mock scout salute.

“Okay. Then we’ll talk? About what?” She cocked her to the side.

“About what you went to see Tess and Ian about.” A soft pink hue covered her face at his words, and he grinned. “And about your behaviour today. What you did was dangerous and stupid.” His voice hardened but the deepening of her blush kept his smile plastered to his face.

“I don’t owe you an explanation.” she had tried to defend herself but quickly backed down with a raise of his eyebrows. “I mean, I don’t. but since you were kind enough to drive me home, I suppose we could talk.” She took two steps backward and then turned to leave. “I’m gonna go lay down.”

She’d disappeared down the hall and closed the bedroom door behind her.  Brent checked on her every twenty minutes or so to be sure she was sleeping soundly and didn’t need anything. His own sister was often wiped out for a long time after having a similiar issue with her sugars.  While he waited, he thought about how best to proceed with her.  He was definitely drawn to her, his dick hadn’t let up since he’d felt picked her up from the porch at Ian’s.  When she confessed to needing answers about the lifestyle he lived, and she apparently wanted to live, and had gone to a perfect stranger’s house to get them, he felt both relieved that she’d picked Ian and Tess and angry for taking such a risk.  She wouldn’t be the first submissive he disciplined who wasn’t fully his, but she most likely had no idea that she was a submissive.  Hell, she’d said as much at Ian’s.

“Hi.” A soft voice drew him from his thoughts, and he bounded up from the couch. She half smiled as she waved him away. “I’m fine. I’m fine. The nap was just the thing. I forget how exhausted I feel after this sort of thing happens.”   She must have been up for a few minutes because her hair was neatly tied back at the nape of her neck, and her makeup looked fresh. Simple mascara and eyeliner, from what he could tell. No thick layer of foundation or powders, just enough to highlight her eyes.

“Here, sit.” He gently cupped her elbow and brought her to the couch. Once she was seated he ran to the kitchen and came back with a sandwich and an apple seated on a plate. “Eat this.” He placed the plate on her lap and sat on the coffee table in front of her watching her.

“You didn’t have to do this. I’m not even that-” she stopped talking once her eyes met his. “Okay. I’ll eat.”

“That’s a girl.” he smiled. So natural was her obedience, how could she not have known she was a submissive? How had no one noticed for her?  “While your eating, I’ll start our conversation.” He waited until she took a bite of the ham sandwich he’d conjured up in her kitchen before he continued. “You said you were worried that you were a freak, and that’s why you sought out Ian and Tess.  You aren’t a freak. You are a perfectly normal woman that has a different sense of what normal is.  For you, telling a man what to do feels wrong, feels off. If you make your boyfriend upset with you, you carry a guilt that isn’t washed away with a simple ‘I’m sorry’. And you don’t want to be forgiven so easily, either. You want a consequence. You want and need someone to take you in hand. You also want and need to have a leader in your relationship, and you don’t want it to be you.” He paused when he noticed her staring at him with wide eyes, sandwhich stilled halfway to her mouth. “Am I wrong?”

“N-No, it’s just. Well, how do you know that?” She put the sandwich on the plate.

“Because my wants and needs are the same, but the opposite. I am the leader. I am the strong hand.” he rested his hands on her knees. “Eat.” he nodded to her sandwich.

“You’re not like the guys I talked to online.” she whispered as she took another bite. He took a deep breath to calm the bubble of anger she just popped with her statement.

“You were looking for a Dominant online? Did you find one?” Online could be extremely dangerous for a new submissive who knew as little about herself as she did.  His little beauty took too many risks for his liking.

“Yeah.” She snorted. “Lots.  They all wanted to line up and paddle me, flog me, whip me, one guy wanted to shove ginger root up my ass and make me crawl for him. I didn’t bother asking what the purpose would be.” She moved her knee when his grip became uncomfortable.

He released her. “Did you meet any of these- guys?”

“You have that mad look again. No. I didn’t. I’m not a complete idiot.”

“Janet.” he gave a low chuckle. “You will give me gray hair before this conversation is over, but I’m going to ask. Have you ever been spanked? Played with anyone in a Dominant submissive context?”

She placed the plate on the couch next to her; she’d eaten the entire sandwich except the crust. “No.” she sounded ashamed of that fact. “I never told anyone about what I wanted- well, no, I did once- and it went badly.” Her face flushed at the memory.

“What did he do?” he asked, already knowing what had happened. The same thing that happened to too many submissives when they realized their true selves and opened up to a vanilla partner.

“He laughed. Then dumped me.” She avoided his gaze. “Up until a few months ago, I’d managed to keep it under control, this urge. But that stupid movie came out!” she took a deep breath. “Anyway. Apparently, the internet wasn’t the way to go, if I am to go by your expression.”

“The internet is good for many things like education and finding a safe place to learn about yourself and the lifestyle. Finding a play partner can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are looking for or what to look out for.”  He stared at her in silence for a moment. “Your boyfriend was an ass and wasn’t Dom material if he laughed, and he’s a fucking moron for dumping you.”

She smiled and pulled her legs up on the couch, tucking her knees under her chin. “I’m really sorry you had to waste your afternoon here.”

“Not wasted.” he shook his head. “So, you had questions.” He clapped his hands. “Fire away.”

“Oh.” She blinked. “Um..well..this is weird.” she laughed. “I mean I don’t know where to start. Okay, I guess… where do I find someone? I mean how do I find him?”

“You don’t.” He shrugged. “I mean, I supposed you can, but I don’t want you to.” His voice sounded harsher than he intended, even to his own ears.

“Oh.” Another soft blush. “Okay, let’s operate under the assumption that I’m not going to look further. What would it be like, you now…with you?”

Was he suddenly on a job interview? “Well, For one you wouldn’t be allowed to be casual about your eating. Obviously, you don’t take that very seriously-”

“Yes, I do. I just forgot-”

“You didn’t just forget, you also then put yourself in a stressful situation, which only makes the not eating worse.” He stated with both a pointed finger and tone.

“Okay, moving on.” she wiped a hand through the air. “What else.”

“We’ll come back to this topic, don’t worry.” He gave her a wink. “I’m not overbearing. I do have certain preferences as to some personal hygiene and dress. I expect complete obedience. I don’t like being second guessed, clarification is okay, but being questioned is not.  Safety is a big deal with me. Your health and your whereabouts will be a concern of mine. It’s my job to keep you safe, and I can’t do that if I don’t know what you’re up to. It’s also my job to be sure your goals are a priority to both of us. So, I expect you to be honest with me about such things, even if your honesty will land you a trip over my knee.”

“Your knee?” She hugged her legs tighter.

“Punishments are part of it. When you stray from our rules, you will be punished. I don’t do funishments either, so any bratting to get a spanking will earn you a real punishment. If you want a spanking or some play time, you need to voice that to me.”  She wasn’t running out of the room, that was a good sign. Nor had she blanched or looked like she was terrified. She simply took in everything he said with curious ears.

“That’s a lot to take in.” She slowly put her feet back on the ground and folded her hands in her lap. “I mean, if I were to, you know, be with you, in this way… how would it be…sexually? What if what we like isn’t the same. You’re really experienced and I’m..well…not.” Another blush.

He gave a laugh. “Sex is sex, well, no that’s not true.  There are some kinks I like and others I don’t. Obviously impact play like spanking and flogging are high on my list. Bondage is pretty high, too. Figging isn’t something I enjoy, but I see the usefulness in it for punishment.” He watched her eyes widen.

“Figging. That’s the thing that guy mentioned.”

“Yes, a finger of peeled ginger root inserted into your ass would definitely be punishment. It burns. It can be pleasant, but I wouldn’t let it be.”

“Oh. What if you want to do something sexually that I don’t like.”

“That’s why we talk.. a lot.  If there isn’t open, honest communication then we can’t do anything. I can’t risk hurting you, and you should never let anyone do anything to you without talking it through with them first.” he tapped her knees with his fingers.

“Could I come and go as I please? I mean, I wouldn’t have to text you everytime I left my house, would I?”   She was coming around, he smiled.

“No, but we’ll talk often enough that I’ll know what’s going on for the day, and if there’s a big change, then I’d like to know about it.  If we are to meet somewhere and you’re going to be even a minute late- I expect a call or text. I’ll do the same, of course. Oh. That’s one more thing that’s big for me.  Absolutely no ignoring a text or call for any reason. If you are busy at work, or taking a shower or whatever, you answer me as soon as you are physically able to. Even if you get pissed at me, and you will get pissed now and then, I’m human, even then- especially then- you are not to ignore me.”

“Okay.” She nodded. “I’m not going to remember all of this.” She nibbled on her lip.

“I don’t expect you to right now. We’ll go slow, very slow. “ He ran his hands up her bare thighs until his fingers dabbled just inside of the hem of her shorts.

“Don’t you have a submissive?” She asked with a shocked expression as though the idea just occurred to her.

“No.” he shook his head. “I haven’t been in a relationship for almost a year.”

“Oh. Then why would you want me?” Her eyes drifted away from him. “I don’t want your pity, and I don’t like games.”

“Look at me.” His voice hardened. “I don’t do games, and I sure as hell don’t pity you. The moment I saw you standing on Ian’s deck I wanted you, to touch you, to know you. The longer I was around you the stronger that feeling got. I can’t explain it, and I don’t want to.” He shook his head.

“Okay.” she breathed. “You get mad a lot.”

“No, not usually, but you’ve taken a lot of risks today, and until we deal with that my irritation will increase.” he scooted from the coffee table to the couch sitting next to her. “Do you want to try this with me, to date me within the guidelines I mentioned?”

“I must be crazy.” She shook her head again. “I do.”

“Good. Now. Back to the topic of your not eating and putting yourself into a stressful situation.  If Ian and I hadn’t been there you would have passed out on his porch. Tess was in the shower and wouldn’t have heard the doorbell.  You didn’t even know them and you just showed up on their doorstep. How were you going to approach them about your subject matter? What if they were lunatics, and they invited you in just to torture you, rape you, or murder you?” His voice hardened with each question.

“They wouldn’t. I’ve seen Tess at the coffee shop often enough to know she’s decent, and Ian’s always treated her so kindly. I wasn’t in any danger.”

“You didn’t know that. I know you didn’t, because you were so damn nervous you forgot to eat. Which leads to the health issue. You can’t skip meals. You have to keep your sugars level.”

The look she gave him told him she knew he was right. “Okay,” she put her hands up in the air. “You’re right. I should have- I don’t know- hell, I should have eaten, but I’m not sorry I showed up on their doorstep.” She pointed a finger at him.  If he was going to be honest, he wasn’t sorry she did either.

“That’s not the point. Don’t point your finger at me.” He lightly pushed her hand down. “Now for your punishment. I usually would give you a really nice spanking for your first time, but I want to be sure you never forget to eat your breakfast again.”

Her dark eyes widened, and her mouth instantly opened in protest. “But I didn’t know you when I did that. That’s not exactly fair. And I only just agreed to go out with you, how can you already punish me!?” she tried to scoot away, but he shot out his arm and grabbed her elbow, pulling her over his lap.

“Since we aren’t extremely familiar with each other, I’ll allow your shorts to stay on. But you can count on bare ass spankings from this point on.”  She tried to push up against them, but he locked her down with a hard swat to her ass. “True you didn’t have rules when you woke up this morning, or a dominant, or a boyfriend, or even a date- but I am now several of those things so you’ll just have to take what comes with that. You will never forget to eat again.”

Before she could say another word, his hand slammed down over her clothed bottom again.  He may have left her clothes on, but he would still be making an impact on her ass. She cried out from the first stroke of his hand. Her hands flew back to protect herself, but he simply clamped it down at the small of her back. “No reaching back, that’s an extra punishment.”

“But I didn’t know!” she yelled out as the spanks began to reign down her bare thighs. Her white skin turned pink under his hand, and he wished he could see what her ass looked like under her jean shorts.

“True. Only five minutes of corner time, then.” He declared as he continued to redden her bottom.  Her wiggles and fighting slowed until she finally accepted her fate and rested her head on her free hand.  She moaned and grunted with each strike of his hand, but her protests were done.

“That’s a good girl.” He gave her one last slap to her thighs. “The sooner you accept your punishment, the sooner we can get it over with.” He slowly ran his fingers over her hot flesh. His palm rested on her bottom and his other hand released her arm so he could rub her back. She cried softly into the couch cushions. “The more you fight me, the longer it takes.” He explained.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered as he helped her to sit up. He coddled her in his arms again and hugged her.  She smelled of lavender, he took a deeper breath to capture  more of her scent.

“I’m sorry, too. You got a spanking before you got a kiss.” He pulled her chin up and captured her lips.  No protest or struggles, she melted into him.  It only took a light prod of his tongue to get her to part her lips so he could taste more of her. She was warm, and soft, and smelled so damn good he had to remind himself that they’d only just met. And as warranted as her spanking was, trying to get into her pants would be a step too far.

She was out of breath when he pulled away from her. She swallowed hard as he wiped the tears from her face. “Can I have another?” She asked, and he grinned. “You said I had to ask for what I wanted.” She reminded him.

“Yes, I did. Good memory,” He gave her a quick peck on her lips and gave a low chuckle over the pout she gave him in return. “But naughty girls don’t get sexy kisses and intimate touches. I promised you five minutes of corner time.  Off you go. When you’re done, we’ll make plans for dinner.”

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