Office Affairs

“Do you think they heard us?” Gavin’s hushed panic filled the small supply closet in which we found ourselves hiding.  I shook my head and waved any further worry away with my hand, placing my ear to the door.  

Mr. St.Claire and a business associate had come into the small office Gavin and myself shared. St. Claire was the owner of the advertising firm we worked for, we were lowly accountants.  Gavin had assured me we were alone in the office, that all of the staff had retreated to the warmth of their homes attempting to avoid the long trip home in the snow.  I suppose he hadn’t counted on Mr. St. Claire returning to the office after his business dinner. Business never stopped on account of snow storm, even if the weather man called for ten inches by morning.

Gavin had been face deep between my legs when the flicker of lights shimmered from the front lobby. Thankfully, he wasn’t doing such a good job that I didn’t notice the illumination. I was able to shove him away from me and we dove into the small closet.

“Well, I’ll take another look at the numbers with my partners over the weekend, but I think it all looks pretty much in line with their budget. I’m not much of a numbers man myself, so I leave it to the number crunchers. I know what I like though, and I like this firm. Your ideas are just what my company needs to get back into the mainstream.” A deep, diplomatic voice boomed through the door. I could only imagine his appearance, but I figured him to have the look of Teddy Roosevelt. Mustache and all.

“That’s good to hear.”  A clap on the back signalled the end of their conversation and I began to breathe again. Their departing footsteps seemed to soothe Gavin as well.

“You think they’re gone?” His voice reminded  me of my younger brother when we were children. After dinner we’d sneak cookie while my mother was washing the dishes and he’d always worry about being caught.  Taking another look at Gavin I shook my head. Yep, he reminded me of my ten year old brother at that moment and that was not an erotic point of view.  “You wanna head to my place…start over?” His hands slid up my back. I shook him off.

“I don’t-” My answer was cut short by the door being swung open. I stumbled forward and fell directly into Mr. St. Clair’s chest. He caught me with both hands, righted me to my feet, but did not let me go. “Oh!” I oofed and tried to free myself from his grasp. He held tighter and gave me a slight shake of his head.  His caramel brown eyes were focused on me, something dangerous lingered behind his authoritative glare. I remained motionless and silent.

“Gavin.” Mr. St. Claire spoke the babbling fool behind me but never lost eye contact with me.  Gavin stopped trying to explain himself and simply stared at us. “You are excused.” Mr. St. Claire gave a curt nod toward the door where Gavin scooted off through, leaving me to hang for our crime. I would have shot a malicious look at his back if St.Claire didn’t have me in some sort of tracker beam stare. “Now. Shelley.”  His voice was firm, hard, but level.

“Mr. St. Claire, I -”

“Can explain?” He let go of my shoulders, and a sudden shiver of disappointment ran through me as he disconnected from me.  “You were in there giving him a blow job.” He crossed his arms over his chest.  The strength of him seemed so controlled.  Everything about his was within his power. His hair never a mess, each strand of the sandy blond waves were perfectly in place. His suits always military pressed. Every woman in the firm found him to be handsome, and completely unattainable.

“No!” I shook my head.  He looked me over with a tilted head.

“He was going down on you then.” He raised an eyebrow, almost daring me to lie.  My hands instinctively smoothed down my pleated black skirt.

“Well. That is. I mean.” I sounded as ignorant as Gavin!

“Right.” He cleared his throat. “Tell me where you were when he was licking your pussy.” HIs voice dropped an octave, and if I hadn’t been watching his lips move I might have missed him speaking.

“I’m sorry?”

“No, you’re not. You will be, but not yet.” He promised. “Tell me where you were when he was eating that pussy of yours. I assume you aren’t wearing panties beneath that skirt.”  

I swallowed hard. “I was in my chair.” I lowered my eyes from his.

“Don’t look away.” He reached out and lifted my chin with his finger. The slight touch electrified my senses. “Don’t be ashamed of your sexuality.”

“You’re not mad?” I looked into his eyes, they were softening. His lips curled at the ends, a small dimple appeared on his right cheek. I’d never noticed it.

“Not mad that you were getting your fulfillment, mad that you were doing it my office and that it wasn’t me under your skirt.” His words hung between us. I wanted to snatch them up and scrapbook them for later review.

“Oh.” was the best I could do.

“But, you were having sex in my office and I’m pretty sure that’s against my rules.” He dropped his finger and his eyes hardened again. “You will need to be disciplined.”

I swallowed again. “Disciplined? You’re going to put this in my personnel file? What about Gavin, why does-” His finger stilled my lips.  

“I will deal with Gavin on Monday. You, I’ll deal with tonight.” He stepped back from me and rested his hands on his belt buckle.  “You can either take a week suspension, no pay. Or, you can take ten licks of my belt.”

“What!” I stumbled back from him. 

“I’m going to give Gavin the same deal, so no sexual harassment claims here.”  

I stared at him for a long while. Ten licks. I could do that. I week with no pay meant no rent. “Okay.” I sighed.

“Smart choice. Place your hands on your desk. Stick your bottom out for me, and do not move.” He stepped toward my desk and took his position, waiting for me to do the same.

My heavy feet were slow in getting me to the desk, but I got there.  The desk was cool against my hot palms as I bent over and arched my back, giving him a perfect target.  It wasn’t the first time I’d had a belt on my ass, a few of my ex’s like to play rough in bed.  The sound of his belt coming loose of his pants rang through the office. I held my breath as I felt my skirt being tossed up onto my back.

“No panties, just like I thought.”  Before I could respond the first strike of the belt crashed down on me. I cried out, and had no time to register the second or third strike before the fourth landed on the tops of my thighs. He meant all business. I began to regret my choice as the six strap landed across my ass, the fire was out of control and I wasn’t entirely sure I would last until the end.

The final strike against my backside landed, and he threw the belt to the floor. I didn’t stand, instead I was pinned to the desk by his hand on my back as his free hand dove into my folds. He was petting my wet clit, stroking me with his fingers. “Such a good girl,” He cooed. “You can come if you’d like.” He whispered his permission into my ear. Just as his lips made contact with my cheek the waves of the impending orgasm whisked my away. Again I cried out in the office, but my cries were from pleasure.

Once I was able to regain logical thinking, I stood from the desk.  He helped smooth down my skirt and pulled me to his chest. A soft kiss to my neck and then to my cheek. “Now. Didn’t I tell you to stay away from Gavin? And, really, Shelley, in the office?” He released me and gave me another look of disapproval.

“I know. I’m sorry, but you were late from your dinner and I really needed a release.” I defended myself. “Is your little game over?” I asked pointing to the belt on the floor.

“Ah, for now. Although, I have to say, this spanking went much better than the others. Perhaps I just wasn’t firm enough before.”  He picked up his belt and slid it back onto his pants. “Now…how about we go home? The snow is really starting to pile up out there.”

“Okay.” I grabbed my coat from my chair and slid my arms into the sleeves. “You aren’t really going to give Gavin the same choice are you?” I asked as we walked to the elevator.

He laughed. A deep, rich laugh that made me smile. “No. I’m not going to say a word to him. You will though. You’ll call it off with him. You’re mine and I won’t be sharing any longer.” He decreed as the doors of the elevator opened.  

“Yes, Sir.” I grinned and stepped in beside him.
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