A Prompt from Hermione

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. UGH what a way to start my morning. Dickens and I have never really gotten along. I always thought someone that needed so many words to get a point across wasn’t too sure of the point they were trying to make.  A fury of dust particles flew into the air as I slammed Sir’s copy of A Tale of Two Cities shut. I had all day to read the first three chapters, and the morning was no time for Dickens. It was the time for a cup of coffee and facebook.

Sir left the list of my chores by the computer where he knew I’d find them: press his shirts, run the dishwasher and do the grocery shopping.  Shopping was the worst of the items on the short list.  He kept my chores to a minimum because I was supposed to be studying. After three years of my working for an accounting firm I had played with the idea of going back to school for my MFA. Two weeks after bringing up the idea out loud, Sir handed me brochures from three schools he felt we could afford and told me to drop my job.  So now I spend most mornings pouring over literature, writing papers, and searching my inner soul for the deeper meaning of my characters.

I flipped the computer screen on, thinking to check email, write a quick and witty status update then contemplate the dishes.  The screen flickered then died. I stared at my reflection in the monitor, the look of horror on my face.  No computer meant no distraction. In a state of panic I checked the cables and the outlets- nearly electrocuting myself in the process.  As I crawled under the desk to check the computer box a small piece of paper sticking out of the cd drive caught my eye.  I pulled it out and growled at the message scribbled on it in perfect penmanship. Sir had beautiful writing.  I saw the grade on your last paper. No computer. Work.

Of course he had seen the grade. There were no secrets between us. I hid nothing from him.  He’s not a micromanaging man, so I never thought to hide my grades.  The last paper I wrote on Oliver Twist was not my best work. I had thrown it together last minute, threw some classic quotes in, and peppered it with a lot of literature-friendly words, but all in all it really said nothing about anything. No computer meant a trip to the library and a hand written paper to be typed later.  I growled again.

“Carey?” A voice called from the front hall.  I crawled out from the desk and popped up just as Jerrica entered the living room.  Jerrica and I met several months before at a local munch meeting. Her husband and Sir hit it off right away so naturally we became friends as well. She held a partnership at a high-end law firm and normally worked long hours. Her standing in my living room at ten in the morning raised some concern.

“Jer, what are you doing here? Are you okay?”  

She tossed her bag on the couch and shrugged. “Not really. I took the day off to be with Ed, but he blew me off. Said I should have cleared it with him first.  He had some big job to do.”  Her voice held a playful quality to it, one I’d heard many times in the months I’d known her. She hadn’t come to chat about her husband’s workload, there was a play session in her mind.

“Oh.” Was all I could come up with. She stepped toward me until she was within arms reach. Her long chestnut hair sat over her chest in large curls. The blouse she was already unbuttoned halfway, and I could see well enough through it to know she had forgon the idea of a bra.

“Did I interrupt you? I know you’re working on your paper. Ed told me that Mark wouldn’t let you come out to play until your paper was done.” Her voice dropped a sultry octave.

“Oh, yeah. I was, but Sir took my computer away from me.  It’s all books and writing now.” I jerked my thumb at the silent screen behind me.

“How unfair.” She pouted with a smile. “Well. I’m here. So…” She brought her fingers to her blouse and slowly undid a button. I watched her with widened eyes. “Before you go to the library I have a chore for you.” She smiled wickedly as she unbuttoned another button.  

“Jer, I don’t know-” I tried to put up a fight, but the reality was I was too turned on to stop myself at that point. Her tits were so full, so round, so beautiful I had been longing to get my mouth on them since we had met. “I should call-”

“Will he say yes?” She unbuttoned the last button, opening her blouse and freely exposing her large breasts. I didn’t answer, only shook my head.  “Then don’t. Better to ask for forgiveness- I always say-” She had never said that to my knowledge, but she’d never looked so horny and fuckable before either.

A crook of her finger brought me closer to her. A simple nod of her head placed my hands on her breasts. They were so real, so tangible. I massaged them with my fingers, kneading them while she whispered wicked promises of what I would receive if I obeyed her commands. She reached down and pulled my skirt up, dipping her finger directly into my wetness. “See, you are so fucking hot for me right now.” Her hot breath washed over me as she used her free hand to bring my mouth to her nipple.

I groaned loudly as my tongue slowly lapped at the dark brown peak. I secretly envied her tan skin, and now I envied her tits, too.  Without any further hesitation, I wrapped my lips around her areola and suckled her while my fingers continued to play with her free breast. Her pleasurable moan only drove my need to fulfill her deeper. I flicked her nipple, sucked at her tits, and made sure I never neglected one breast longer than the other.

She leaned against the arm of our dark leather couch and pulled my head away from her chest, her fist was buried in my hair.  My mouth felt swollen from the work it had performed on her tits and she smiled at the sight of my face. “Fucking eat me.” She leaned further back and pulled up her own skirt revealing her cleanly shaven pussy.  Not thinking anything other than getting my lips on her, I knelt down and dove into her haven.

She tasted like sweet treat I had never tasted before. I held her lips apart as I licked her, flicked at her, and devoured her.  Fingers entwined in my hair hastened their grip. Her breathing raced, and I could feel her thighs start to tense. So close.

I slid two fingers into her and began to rhythmically move within her as I sucked on her clit. She arched toward me, slamming her cunt into my face and screamed out her release.  I did not let up on licking at her until I felt the last wave of her orgasm stop. I pulled my fingers from her and stood before her.  I pressed my moist fingers to her lips and she grinned as she cleaned her cum from my fingers.

“What the fuck!” Behind her, over her shoulder, I could see Sir.  His briefcase in one hand and a bag of what looked like take out in the other.  I quickly stepped away from Jerrica, who didn’t bother buttoning herself up before darting from the room. No need to witness the fury of one man when she would undoubtedly be facing her own later in the day.

“I- uh-” I stood before him, pussy juices on my face, babbling like an idiot.  He put his briefcase down and dropped the take out on the end table as he reached for his belt.  

I knew the best of times…and I know I would know the worst of times…..
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