I took a break. My day job has been killing me lately with so many changes and new things happening to the company. All good, and mostly my idea (the things we do to ourselves!), so I can’t really complain. But, with all that and the holiday season something had to give.

But the holidays are over…or will be within 24 hrs, so it’s back to chasing that little dream of mine. Writing.

Let’s have some fun. Give me a topic, phrase, some sort of prompt. I will write a flash fiction/short story for each one left in the comments and post them over the next week or so, or as long as they keep coming in.

In addition to this fun, I’m going to get back into FFF and Wicked Wednesdays!
I’m still editing Secured Heart the second in my Windy City Series and am hoping to release it by Valentines Day.

In the meantime…have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and try to stay out of trouble….but not too much… a little trouble makes for some really good stories!