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I know I’ve mentioned Dan and Dawn before on my blog. I’ve written a review of their book Living M/s and you can see that review here. (Awesome book) I’ve also mentioned that they have a really great podcast where they talk about M/s, D/s, polyamory, and all sorts of erotic stuff.  Well, while at Kinky Kollege last month, I had an opportunity to meet them and chat. I was lucky enough to do an interview for their podcast talking about my newest release Hidden Heart.

Let me say that I was extremely nervous! What if I said something stupid!? What if I laughed and snorted!? What if I couldn’t answer the question fast enough!? What if I stuttered… the list of what ifs was long.  My husband kept assuring me I’d do fine. It didn’t matter.  I was a shaking bundle of nerves. Thankfully my husband was sitting next to me the entire time..quietly…he’s such an introvert!

Once the interview started, I think I did okay.  In hindsight, I wish I had maybe elaborated on a few things, or thought my answer through more…but overall I think it came out okay.  ANYWAY… The podcast aired this week, and I’m sure you are all now dying to go listen.

So, go, listen to my interview (it’s the second half of the podcast). Get hooked on Erotic Awakening, subscribe to their newsletter, comment on the podcast, like them on podcast. Support them in anyway you can. They do an excellent job at educating the BDSM community and have helped more people than I’m sure they even know.

Here’s where you can find the podcast.

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