Key Words: Hide OR seek
Forbidden Words: any word that can be a colour
Word Limit: 333 words
Extra Credit: ever played nudey hide and seek?
Bonus Words: +100 words if she’s doing the searching
I mildly went over on my words, but I’ve learned to forgive myself!   Hope you enjoy my late entry! 

It would have been an easier game if the lights had been left on, but then it might not have been as much fun.  

“Remove your clothes,” My husband had directed me once we arrived at the empty office building. The construction was nearly complete and the new owners would be moving into the building soon.  Brad wanted to have some fun before he turned over the keys.  

I stripped but noticed that he wasn’t taking off his clothes. I closed the space between us and reached for his tie. “No. Just you.” His lips twisted into a smile that made the hairs on my neck stand up. “Here’s the game.  Conrad and Cyril are hiding on this floor.” He held my shoulders in his large, strong hands. “You’ll stay here for another five minutes while I go find my spot. Then you’ll start the hunt, or rather start being hunted. As you search for me, they will search for you.” His grin reached his eyes, excited at the idea of the hunt always drove him wild. I didn’t need to touch him to know his cock was hard.

“I’m I supposed to find or be found?” I asked. There was a chill in the room as the heat obviously hadn’t been turned on yet in the new building. He noticed the temperature and ran his hands up and down my arms, some warmth was better than none.

“Both. Your goal is to find me.” He flashed a larger smile at the notion of himself being the prize. “They will find you. When they do, you are to obey them until they release you. The faster you find me, the larger your prize.” He explained.

“So if they find me they’ll keep me busy, and it will take me longer to find you.” I clarified.

He nodded and leaned in, kissing my nose. “Yes, exactly.”

“What will they do to me?” I asked, already knowing the answer. Cyril and Conrad had been to our home for plenty of evenings to know their tastes matched mine.

“They will do what they want. I did request they keep your asshole for me, so they won’t use you there.” He kissed my cheek.  His warm hands moved from my arms to my breasts where he captured a nipple in each hand. The pressure of his fingertips caught me off guard and I let out a moan. His arrogant smile widened.  “Are you ready?”

I looked into his eyes. The ever playful man, the lustful generous man looked as greedy as a child sitting beneath the christmas tree waiting to unwrap his gifts. “As I’ll ever be.” I nodded. He released my nipples, and I sucked in my breath.

“Good. Ready.” He took a step back. “Set.” He reached the doorway. “Go.” I could hear his laughter as he ran down the hall.  

Five minutes ticked off the clock on the wall slowly. Finally it was my turn to leave the room. Anticipation, excitement, and  giddiness swirled around in my chest as I stood outside the doorway looking down the hall.  Which way to go…which way to turn… The game had begun.
Flash Fiction Friday
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