On October 10th, Finland celebrates their Literature Day, 
so the prompt this week comes from the land of Lordi … 
Key Words: Shoes
Banned Words: Socks
Word Limit: 238 words
Bonus Words: Get +10 words for each adjective used that means “hot” but isn’t “hot” ;-)(no   repeats!)

Orange flames danced over the couple moving about on their blanket.  The coolness of the desert night lost to them as their bodies mingled together.

His hardness slammed into her as she arched up to meet each thrust. There was no dominant role to be filled this evening; they both demanded passion from the other.  Sweat glistened on their bodies. Moans echoed throughout the emptiness around them. Her fingers pulled at her nipples.  Slender ankles wrapped around his ass, pulling him deeper with a grunt of pleasure.  

As though the movements had been choreographed, he slipped from her and sat back on his feet. His erection pointed directly at her, his chest heaving, gasping for air. “Turn around.” He grinned.  She complied, moving to her hands and knees, pushing her ass into the air, searching out his cock.  Large hands grasped her apple bottom. He thrust hard into her molten passage. She lurched forward from the movement and placed her head on her hands as he continued to plunge into her depths.

“Now, Ted, now!” She met his thrusts, as her fingers disappeared beneath her.  He needed no further request and plowed her until they both called out their release.  

Once sated, they laid holding each other, ignoring the desert sand sticking to their bodies.

“Marry me.” He stated. No question. A command.  “When we get back to Vegas.” He looked into her eyes. She smiled and nodded.  

He leapt from the blanket. Forgetting his nakedness, he jumped over the fire, kicking up his shoes.  She laughed at his animalistic behavior.  

He stalked her like prey and jumped back onto the blanket now being the wolf ready to devour her.
Flash Fiction Friday