“God, help us now!” Ian gave a booming laugh from the corner of the room.  Stephania walked in wearing nothing but her black lace undergarments and a habit.  He wouldn’t deny she looked fucking hot, but it wasn’t exactly the time for role playing.  “Steph, we gotta wrap this up.” He walked over to the china cabinet where several generations of knick knacks had taken residence.  

“Ian, don’t be such a stiff.” Gabriella scoffed.  Another blonde beauty walked out from the bedroom dressed in the same manner.

“Well, a little stiff would be good.” Stephania’s gaze settled on his crotch. His dick reacted to her stare, hardening and straining against his jeans.  

“Or a lot stiff.” Gabriella giggled and made her way across the room to him. He made no movement as Gabriella placed her hand over the bulge in his jeans. “Yes. A lot stiff.” She kept her eyes on his as she glided down to her knees.

“Wait. Not yet.” Stephania disappeared into the bedroom.  Ian ignored the background noise as Gabriella’s well-experienced hands rubbed his thickness through his jeans. “Okay. here.” Her breasts bounced wonderfully as she ran to him.  Gabriella managed to unbutton his jeans and was working the zipper as Stephania placed a white collar around his neck.  Gabriella pulled him free of his boxers and her lips nuzzled his head.  He leaned against the china cabinet to keep from falling over from the sensual torture.

“Oh fuck!” Ian wrapped her hair around his hand and began to move his hips in rhythm to her mouth. Her tongue danced on his tip as he drove into her again.

“Share!” Stephania took to her knees beside her friend.  Gabriella pulled his dick from her mouth and held it at the base for Stephania.

Ian straightened from the cabinet and placed a hand on Stephanie’s head, keeping Gabriella’s hair in his fist. Gabriella repositioned herself and before he could react, her tongue was lapping at his balls. “Dear GOD!” he cried out at the pleasure rippling through him.

“He’s close!” Gabriella warned.  In unison, the girls stroked his cock. Stephania pulled him from her mouth with a popping sound.  The blonde’s knelt before him, heads pressed together and their delicious mouths wide open to receive him.  

Another grunt of satisfaction and he found his release.  He watched his come land on their outreached tongues and chins. “Dear God!” He said again taking in a deep breath.

The girls pulled away and used the habits to clean their faces. “So, what about them?” Gabriella asked seriously, jerking her thumb toward the bedroom of the apartment.

Ian eyed the room. “I’ll finish in here. Looks like just some antique shit. You girls get the jewelry box from the bedroom.”  

Stephania nodded and headed toward the hall.  “The preacher. He’s kinda cute.” Stephania looked toward the bedroom where the three hostages were tied up.  “Mind?”

“Okay. Go ahead.” Ian laughed with a shake of his head. “But give the clothes back to his little women in there.” He pointed to them.

“Yes, sir!” The girls gave a mock salute and turned smiling toward the bedroom and disappeared down the hall.

Key Words: God, help
Banned Words: Nun, Sister, Vicar, Priest
Word Limit: 369 words
Bonus Words: Get another 71 words if  there is a fourth player- Technically I mentioned three others…so I’m taking the liberty of giving myself a lot of extra words.  I used to be such an obedient FFF player…. 

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