Key Words:

FAA (or local equivalent), Service
Word Limit: 300 
Forbidden Words: Flight, Mile High Club
Extra Credit:  Add an element of TruthBonus Words:  50 if she’s not a stewardess

“I’ll show you my private jet.” Dark eyes wandered over my breasts like a hungered beast gazing over its prey.

“And you want what in return?” I widened my grin and tilted my head slightly to the right, twirling the end of my blonde curl with my fingertips.  He was handsome.  No facial blemishes, not even a small freckle.  His deep brown hair sat perfectly combed, as though by order upon his head.  His lips were full, not something I would typically notice on a man. But this man, he had very kissable lips.
“I’m sure we can arrange something.” He pulled my hand from my hair and held it delicately. As though he held something precious. I felt his thumb brush along my palm and was surprised to find the touch arousing. A soft electric current ran through my arm. His eyes finally settled on mine.

“Okay.” I heard myself agree. I retrieved my hand and sat back in my chair. “Let me freshen up, and we can go.”

The ride to the airport was filled with comfortable silence. He didn’t inquire into my thoughts, and I didn’t pry into his. He parked his jaguar into the lot and behaved the gentleman by opening my door for me.  Holding my hand, he led me down the darkened path toward his plane.

Not knowing enough about planes to be impressed by one, I wasn’t. He led me inside and gave me a quick tour of the plane.

“Seems like any other plane. Just smaller.” I shrugged. I hadn’t intended to be rude, but we both knew we weren’t there for the jet.  He laughed and reached for me. His hands rough on my hips as he pulled me to him for a kiss. A deep, claiming kiss that spread warmth from my lips to my toes.

His hands roamed over my body, pulling my dress over my head between small pecks to my neck. “No bra?” He raised an eyebrow at me.  He looked me over further and nodded with approval. “The string panties are my favorite.”  His lips claimed me again. He tasted like brandy. “I know what I want in return.” His words spoken between kisses.

“Oh?” I rolled my head to the side, giving him better access to my neck. I arched my back to fill his hands with my breasts.

“Let me take a picture.” I pulled back from him as if he slapped me.  My eyes sizes him up.

“Okay.” I grin.
“Hey, what do you have there?” A warm voice asks as strong arms wrap around my waist.
“An old photograph.  Do you remember taking this?” I hand the photo, taken twenty years ago, to my husband.  His dark eyes wash over the photograph.
“I remember the moments after this was taken.” He winks and gives my bottom a pinch…

Uhh…so apparently I broke all the rules this week. But, sometimes I can’t help myself! Anyway go to Advizor’s site to find all the really good stories…that followed the rules!
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