“When is he coming over?” Julie stands near the front window of our apartment looking down at the street.

“Any minute.” I scramble around the apartment looking for my sandals. My sundress is hanging on my bedroom door, if I can just find my sandals I can get ready.

“Where are you going?” Julie sucks on the lollipop she grabbed out of the candy dish at work on our way home.

“Not sure. He said it was a surprise.” Eyeing one sandal, I get on my knees to look under the couch for the other. Success!

“Huh.” Julie pushed away from the large window.  “Take a dare?” She grinned at me as I wrapped my hair into a frazzled bun.

“Now?” I wrinkle my brow. She picks the strangest times to screw around. “Fine.” I laugh and head toward my room for my dress.

“Greet him like that.” She called after me. I stopped in my step and turned around. “Yeah, like that. Lean out the window in just your panties and call out to him.  I’m sure he’d love to see your tits hanging out the window at him, beckoning him up here.” She grinned. I narrowed my eyes at her, thinking.  He would get a kick out of it.

“Okay.” I walked over to the window. His car is parked but empty. I can see him slightly.  I lean out the window and call out to him. “Hey, Jon! Up here, baby!” I wave my arm at him, my breasts jiggle from the movement.  He looks up at me, mortified. I see why. “Oh shit!” I cross my arms over my chest, duck back inside and run to my room.  Julie is laughing her ass off, holding the sucker in her mouth.

“Something wrong?” She managed to ask between hoots of laughter.

“Fuck you. You saw his parents.” I accused from the safety of my bedroom.  A knock on the door stiffled her laughter. We both stared at the door.

Not too sexy this week, but fun!  Hope you all join in, or at least pop over to Advizor’s to join in the reading of some awesome flash fiction this week.