Kink. What does it mean to you..or me…or anyone for that matter? We all have different views of the definition of kink.

For one woman, kink might be having sex outside the missionary position. Another may see it as being suspended in the air by her hair.  Kink is whatever the person experiencing it believes it to be.

The first BDSM event I attended was a three day camping adventure that completely changed my views on kink. When we pulled into the campground, I was sure I knew what I’d be seeing and what I thought kink was.  Then I saw things I never dreamed of.   A woman having her breasts nailed to a board by her Master/husband. Several people being suspended by hooks in their backs. Breath play, knife play, needle play, all sorts of things that fell well outside my limits.  But that didn’t make them bad kinks!

Unfortunately there are those out there that think since it’s not for them, it’s not for anyone. But what fun is that!?   I thought medical play was creepy and totally not for me (fine for them, but  not me) If I had kept my mind closed to the idea, I never would have attended a workshop on medical stapling.  I’ve still not tried it, but it’s changed columns on my activities list.

I think the thing that keeps some of us closed up from other’s kinks is that we don’t understand them, and what we don’t understand- we fear.  When I saw the woman having her breasts nailed to that board I was completely stupefied.  Every safety precaution was in place, the medics were on hand and they were in the medical section of the dungeon. I watched her with three nails in her breast as he placed a long nail next in line and drove it through her flesh and into the wood. Her cry shook me. He had her stand up and hold the board until the pain subsided enough for him to continue.

 I thought to myself  “How the fuck can that be fun! That is twisted!” I’ll admit it…those thoughts entered my mind.  But I didn’t comment to them or anyone else. I left it sit in my mind.  She really did seem to be enjoying herself, and after their scene the couple ran back to their tent and laughed while running to the outside showers to have a quick fuck and wash her off.  It was completely not my thing. But it wasn’t twisted anymore. Well, maybe a little. But aren’t we all?

What gets my motor going,  might not get someone else’s. But does it matter? It’s my motor.

One more thing. You don’t need someone else’s approval to enjoy your kink. If you enjoy it, and you do it safely- they why look outside yourself for permission.  If you like sucking toes, go for it.  If having someone step on your balls with stiletto heals gets your juices flowing, let no one stop you. If you want to be dragged across the room by your hair, thrown over the bed for long hard spanking and then a harsh pounding- Get to it, what are you waiting for!

It’s your kink, own it!

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