The ship sputtered it’s take off before zapping into the darkness of space.  Two women sat in the back huddling together.

“This isn’t right. We shouldn’t be here.” Sanja grasped onto her friends shirt with a panicked look.

“Don’t worry, Sanja.”  Jaren slapped her hands away. “It’s only a bathhouse. One year and we’ll be rich! We’ll be able to buy our own ship and seek our own adventures.”  Jaren ran her long fingers through her hair before winding it onto of her head.  “It will be fun. You’ll see.” Jaren promised. Sanja looked around the ship at the dirty, smelly workers that sat with them with less enthusiasm than her friend.  

Two months later Jaren continued to boost her friends enthusiasm. The rooms they’d been given weren’t as large as either of them had hoped for, being large enough for two narrow beds and one dresser.  The clientele of the house weren’t as glamorous as the contractor led them to believe, either. Most of the men arrived full of dirt and slime. They considered themselves lucky when they owned all of their teeth.  

Once the men were washed of their grime, the girls found the second part of their duties to be much easier.  Sanja chose not to look at their faces and only concentrate on the part that mattered the most. The part that would end their session.  It was strange at first, but they both managed to get through each client. The men all walked away with satisfied grins smothered on their faces.

“Sanja! Jaren!” The house coordinator bellowed down the hall. “You have a client. Bath 3!”

“Well, there goes my quiet time.” Sanja tossed her book onto the bed and made herself ready.  The clients preferred for them to be fully dressed when they entered the bath. The slow removal of their wet, clinging shirts seemed to appeal to men.  Jaren, already dressed and ready to go as usual, tweaked her nipples to bring them to attention.

“Okay, here we go! I heard a shuttle from Kashyyyk arrived today, wouldn’t that be exciting!” Jaren’s excitement bubbled into her voice.

“Wait. Kashyyyk?” Sanja had no time to question further as Jaren swung open the door to bath 3 and there standing in all of his height and fur stood a wookie.  

Jaren greeting him with open arms and a willing smile while Sanja wondered if his dick was as hairy as the rest of him.

“Great, I’ll be picking hairs out of my teeth for a week.” She grumbled to herself and slipped into the bath.

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