The Submission of Emma Marx starring Richie Calhoun and Penny Pax brings to the screen not only hot sex, but a beautiful D/s love story.  It reminded me of a cross between Secretary and 50 Shades (without all the muttering).

Emma (Penny Pax) meets Mr. Frederick (Richie Calhoun) while interviewing company executives for her masters thesis.  The couple makes a connection, although it’s not entirely obvious to Emma as to what sort of connection.  The second meeting takes place months later after Mr. Frederick sends her instructions on where to meet him for dinner. During this dinner he proposes a BDSM or D/s relationship between them. After a steamy sex scene they work out the particulars of the relationship.  What follows is the progression of her submission to him, his dominance over her and the understanding of what it takes to make a D/s relationship.

What made me watch this video over and over again wasn’t the sex scenes. That’s not to say there aren’t worthy of watching- they are extremely worthy.  But, what I did watch over and over again was the dialogue between them. I know, adult movies aren’t really known for their plots, but the writing by Jackie St. James really added to the erotic tone of the movie.

Richie Calhoun does an excellent job of being confident and dominating without portraying dominants as conceited pricks, as I’ve seen in some other films.  At no point does it ever appear that he’s not the one in control, and at the same time he sees to the pleasure of his submissive.  It was extremely easy for me to get lost in his eyes, his smile and his voice.

Penny does just as great of a job portraying a new submissive. What I like most about her character is that she is portrayed as a well adjusted female.  This goes for both characters. They aren’t into BDSM because of some horrible tragedy in their life; they are just ordinary people who find fulfillment in a D/s relationship.

I am more turned on by the dynamic of BDSM and D/s than the sex, so this movie was perfect for me. I will admit this is the first adult movie that I have spent money on in a very very long time. I rented it from Adam and Eve and have now purchased the DVD version.  I don’t spend money on things such as this very easily, but I had to have this video.  You should give it a look, too.

In case you’re wondering the sex scenes include: anal sex, spanking, oral sex, some bondage, wax play, and flogging.

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