Word Limit: 300- I have never been so disobedient with the word count as this week. 631 for me. Oops….I cropped and cropped…but it wasn’t meant to be. 
Bonus Words: +100 if you tell us your opinion on ObamaCare. It would take too long, but short version I hate what it stands for and what it will do to healthcare. 
Required Phrase: “First, do no harm” Totally cheated.  Just feeling bratty this week I think
Forbidden Concept: Don’t make it about blue balls.
Extra Credit: Throw some medical mumbo jumbo in there.

First, Do No Harm

The patient in room 696 seemed harmless enough when they brought him up from recovery.  His outpatient procedure turned into an overnight stay when his blood pressure wouldn’t stabilize.  The night nurse, Jerrica, was instructed to monitor his blood pressure hourly throughout the night.
Stanley laid in the hospital bed alone in his room watching a late night movie. Jerrica dutifully made her rounds, stopping in his room every hour.  Her blonde hair was braided in the french style that he loved on a woman. It gave her a youthful look in a cheerleader sort of way; he’d always wanted to bang a cheerleader. Her breasts were easily noticed through her scrubs.  The last time she checked his blood pressure he asked her to reach the tv remove for him. She needed to reach over him, and he chose that moment to sit up and accidentally brush her breasts with his arm. She didn’t seem to mind, and only smiled in response to his touch.
The door to the room opened; Jerrica slipped in, closing the door behind her. He sat up in bed and smiled at her.
“I’m not sleeping.” he assured her and waved her over.
“Just need to check your pressure again.” she held up the sphygmomanometer.
“Sure thing.” he smiled and pulled up the sleeve to the hospital gown.  She bent over the bed and strapped the cuff around his arm.  The loose neckline of her top displayed her well rounded breasts. He wanted to dip his finger between them.  He reached over with his left hand and cupped her breast in his hand.  She looked up from the gauge and looked into his eyes. She wasn’t smiling, nor was she scowling. He applied pressure, squeezing her slightly. She took a deep breath and bit the corner of her lower lip.
“Stanley-” he shushed her by finding her nipple and pinching lightly. He let her go and tore the cuff from his arm.  
Using both hands, he reached under her scrub top and began to fondle her nipples and squeeze her breasts together. She made no move to stop him.  He sat up fully in his bed, pulled the top from her body and made quick work of releasing her breasts from her bra.  He nuzzled them gently at first, then more aggressively- wanting to taste and feel all of her.  
“Take off your pants.” he instructed as he took a nipple into his mouth. She made no protest and quickly dropped her bottoms. He smiled. “You don’t wear panties.” He spun her around and lifted her onto the bed.  She grabbed onto the bedrail as he reached around her, grabbing at her already wet pussy. She groaned as his fingers danced over her clit, dipping inside of her to gather moisture before running his fingers along her lips.
She moved her hips along with his hand, reaching for his touch. He felt her thighs tighten. She was close. He watched her face as she began to build toward her orgasm.  He intensified his movements, whispering wicked, dirty things into her ear.
He bit at her shoulder and thrust two fingers into her as she reached her limit. The orgasm took  over, he felt the spasms as they hit her and slowly subsided.  Once calm, he removed his fingers from her and she dutifully cleaned them for him.  She turned around and smiled.  Her hands were on his thighs, inching upward.
“It’s your turn, Stanley…..Stanley…..Stanley…”
He sat up with a start, his eyes adjusting the dimness of the room.

“I’m sorry. It’s your turn for your pressure check, Stanley.” Jerrica, the night nurse, fully dressed in her blue nurse scrubs, her long blond hair plaited down her back, wrapped the blood pressure cuff around his arm.

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